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Chris Dodd Is A Total Idiot

by @ 10:21 pm on September 14, 2007. Filed under 2008 Election, Baseball, Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd, New York Yankees, Politics, Sports

Apparently, he is challenging fellow Presidential Candidate Bill Richardson to a bet on this weekend’s Yankees-Red Sox series.

Which would make sense, except for the fact that Bill Richardson is rooting for the Red Sox:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A friendly wager over a weekend series between one of the greatest rivalries in baseball turned into a sour spat on Friday.

Sen. Chris Dodd, a lifelong Red Sox fan, challenged New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson to a friendly bet over the Yankees-Red Sox series this weekend. Of course, Dodd wanted the Sox in the bet. But a Richardson spokesman countered that the governor has always been an avid Red Sox fan.

“Governor Richardson is a devoted Red Sox fan, and has been since his days playing ball in Massachusetts in high school, college, and in the Cape Cod League,” Richardson spokesman Pahl Shipley said.

Dodd and Richardson are both seeking the Democratic presidential nomination and New Hampshire is in the heartland of “Red Sox Nation.”

In a press release, Dodd offered to wager a gallon of New England clam chowder on the game in return for an equal bet from Richardson “if he’s confident enough in his team to accept my challenge.” Dodd quoted Richardson saying that his dream job would be “playing center field for the New York Yankees.”

“Nothing is more exciting than a Red Sox-Yankees series in September,” Dodd said in a statement. “The governor and I both dreamed about playing center field for our respective teams as children, and although that didn’t happen, I know we will be both be watching this series closely, so why not have a little fun with it?”

Richardson will not participate in the bet.

Yea,  I know, they’re both rooting for a team filled with losers. But, you know, they’re Democrats so you can sort of understand that.

3 Responses to “Chris Dodd Is A Total Idiot”

  1. Jiminy Cricket says:

    The joke is that Richardson once tried to be both a Yankee fan and a Red Sox fan:

  2. [...] The problem with this wager? It’s between 2 bottom-tier candidates and one didn’t even know it was happening. Senator Dodd almost fails to show up in most polls, and while we like that he’s trying to make wagers, he should be hammering the front runner Hilary Clinton for her carpet bagging in NYC. She’s originally from Chicago and has been know to “root” for the Cubs when she’s in Chicago raising money, but swings back to the Yankees when she’s back in New York.  The wager isn’t going over with at least one blogger who called Dodd an “idiot”. [...]

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