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Carol Barbee Previews Jericho Season 2, And What Might Follow

by @ 7:30 am on October 5, 2007. Filed under Jericho, Television

Carol Barbee, the executive producer of CBS’s off-again on-again Jericho, spoke with TV Guide recently about what’s in store for the upcoming shortened second season, and what might follow afterwards:

The fate of CBS’ Jericho after its second season, tentatively scheduled to launch in January, may still be up in the air. But Carol Barbee has a contingency plan. The executive producer shot an alternate ending in case the Eye decides to cancel the show for a second time.

“The ending that we planned was always meant to be a payoff for the seven-episode arc,” Barbee told TV Guide at Wednesday night’s Jericho Season 1 DVD release party. “It won’t close off the whole story but it will show you where we would go in a third season.” If the show isn’t renewed, “It gives you a huge mythology so that you understand so much about what has happened,” she says.

In the meantime, the next time we see Jericho, the town will, again, be in total chaos. “We leave on the brink of war with New Bern,” said Barbee. “The government has broken up into factions and there are several people claiming to be the legitimate government. One of them is in Cheyenne, Wyoming, so the Cheyenne government comes to town.”

What happens next is a mystery but Barbee did reveal that “they’re there to stop the war with New Bern but they’re also there for a secret agenda.” That agenda includes finding Hawkins, who used a tracking device in the Season 1 finale before realizing it could be traced.

“They don’t know that they’re hunting Hawkins,” says Barbee. “But they know they’re hunting what they call a terrorist with a nuclear bomb. So Jake is going to have to help Hawkins stay out of the clutches of the Cheyenne government.”

It sounds like the storyline they’re working on is promising. The question is whether they’ll get the ratings they need to get CBS to give them a chance at a full third season. The fact that Barbee has a series finale mapped out as a contingency plan seems to be an indication that they’re planning for the worst.

Given the relative lack of promotion for this week’s release of the Season One DVD, the signs don’t look great:

The first season of Jericho hit DVD this week but you’d never know it looking around. Considering all the fuss that surrounded the series a couple of months ago, I would have expected parades, national news coverage, and a hard press by CBS that included banner ads during all of their shows, every other commercial spot, and integration into their other programming (“Hey, I know we’re always sitting around a bar and chatting but did any of you get a chance to check out season one of Jericho? It’s Legendary!). Instead, word surrounding the release is as quiet as if it really was isolated from the rest of the world.

Unless something changes, Jericho could be another one of those great ideas that never got the chance to come into its own.

17 Responses to “Carol Barbee Previews Jericho Season 2, And What Might Follow”

  1. Rena says:

    I enjoy the show and feel it is one of very few shows worth watching on a weekly basis. I for one am trying to promote the show to others. Everyone should watch this show not just for entertainment purposes but for insight into what could happen if the US were ever attacked with nuclear weapons and how people, communities, government and country would react to such an attack.

  2. Me says:

    I talk about Jericho to everybody i know and i do my best for this series to be known by everybody because it’s one’s of the best series they can do.

  3. Jeannie says:

    I agree that Jericoh is one of the few shows worth watching, unfortunately most of the nation seems to be obsessed with lame “reality” shows that promise the winner fame and fortune and lets the mindless masses live vicariously though the contrived “drama”. CBS will likely air the shows that have the highest viewership so they can rake in the advertising money. I think a little better promotion of Jericho by CBS would go a long way. Too bad it isn’t on ABC or USA network. They seem more willing to promote quality programs.

  4. Shona says:

    Jericho is by far the best show on television. I watched one episode while on vacation in North Carolina a few months ago and was totally hooked. I can honestly say I can not recall the last time I actually enjoyed watching a television show until now. With all the lame reality shows television has lost it’s appeal to the masses. Most people do not spend the time to get involved in a show…Jericho is different. It has the most wonderful actors and actresses and the storyline is very captivating. It keeps your full attention and you don’t want to miss a moment. My family which includes two kids (12 and 16 yr. olds) both totally love the show. When was the last time any show could hold the attention of not only adults but kids as well???? KEEP JERICHO ON THE AIR!

  5. anne says:

    I have watched Jericho since the beginning and it the most interesting show that i have watched in years, I go into a room where i won’t be bothered when it is on so I won’t miss a word. With the direction that this world is going now, it does show what could possibly happen if we were to be attacked and how to react to that situation in the event that it did. I am really looking forward to the start of the new season but I do hope that they show other parts of the country and the world and show what has happened in other places if anything. January can’t come fast enough for me.

  6. maybei says:

    It’s a shame that CBS has not done more to promote Jericho. Laying the bulk of promotional efforts at the fans doorstep is just wrong.

    It is a great show and if it fails, it will not be the fault of the fans – the blame will lay on CBS for a shoddy job in promoting their own product.

  7. Deborah says:

    I am totally hooked on this show. It is so disturbing and thought provoking. They Promote Prison Break for a third season and two seasons was enough for me but this deserves many seasons, as many as 24 has. I am raving to everyone about it. It has left me looking at an ice cube and electricity and just everything we take for granted. It seems a reflection of the real world with the constant threat of terrorism. It hits so close to home and true “reality” of the world, not a Reality Show to escape into. You cant escape from the very jarring images, you are horrified but compelled at the same time. I am telling anyone and everyone about this show. Its just too amazing to let die. I want this show to survive!!!!

  8. Sandy says:

    I’ve been holding off buying the First Season of Jericho. I didn’t want to buy a series that has no ending. But, if the series will continue at least until we have an ending, then I’ll purchase the DVD and any others they produce of Jericho. I’ve been so very disappointed the way CBS ended the show. They could have at least given us one more episode to give us closure!

  9. becca says:

    I love the show. Its a great idea for a show… The first season kept getting better every episode….I’d love to see it stay on the air…there’s too many pointless drama’s out there… this one keeps you waiting to see whats to come…. You should advertise the show better…I didn’t know about jericho untill I came across it on netflicks…and I love it..

  10. Jason JJJJJ says:

    I was on tour in Europe when a friend let me borrow the 1st season of Jericho. I literally watched the whole first season non-stop, without sleep.

    From the first moment I was hooked and I’ve been craving more ever since.

    It’s really unfortunate that this series hasn’t been marketed because it’s absolutely brilliant Sci-Fi.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the 2nd season and hopefully many more seasons after that.



  11. Tracy Golding says:

    My son and I had a standing date every Wednesday night for Jericho. We asked extended family members if they had seen it and no one was watching. We were very happy to see the summer reruns. My parents, sister, and brother’s families all tuned in for the summer shows and are hooked! They are anticipating the next season as much as we are. How sad if CBS goes back on their word and cancels.

  12. Jennifer says:

    My husband and I watched Jericho faithfully every Wednesday. We have told all our friends about the show they all watched also (some even watched on the web site)We all cant wait for season two to begin. We have signed on every web site available to try to find out when that will be. Keep up the good work fighting for our show to air again.

  13. amberwaves says:

    we need publicity for jericho….the waiting is the wrong choice for cbs…..get it locked into the schedule, promote with teasers and show “us” the loyal peanut senders that you really value our effort. major plugs are needed and advertising needs to explode on nbc….we have/are doing everything possible as fans, but the real test is when they actually step up to the plate to let the fans know they care and promote it. it is a two-way street. the time they are wasting to get the show out to the public and the loyal fans promoting it to others is making it hard to “catch and retain” new fans…..get your act together cbs!

  14. Leanne says:

    why not continue with a show that has the ability to be a winner, it has all the ingredients,a good story line, its watchable, unlike many overprocessed shows where stupidity and fakeness rein plus a dumbing down of what the average tv viewer really wants to watch, this show is something you can get your teeth into. Best of all each episode makes you want to come back for more, isn’t that the purpose of good acting & ratings or are we to be forever dished up boring, mindless crap that we have to be in state of numbness to sit through.
    come on you so called tv experts get your stuff together and give the intelligent tv viewing public what they want, we in New Zealand think the show is refreshing and thought proviking.

  15. fade says:

    Jericho rocks!

  16. steve says:

    cbs is the worst network station. too bad such a great, if not the greatest, show has to be on this horrible network. shame on cbs for letting such a well written and acted show fade away as it seems to be doing. i talk about jericho to everybody and they have never even heard of it. such a shame.

  17. Brian says:

    Jericho needs to stay on the air, although I like most of the shows on CBS, Jericho was my favorite!!!!

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