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George Will On Ron Paul

by @ 6:31 pm on October 8, 2007. Filed under 2008 Election, Politics, Ron Paul

A sign that the campaign, and more importantly the long ignored libertarian wing of the GOP, is starting to be taken seriously inside the beltway:

2 Responses to “George Will On Ron Paul”

  1. I was very pleased to see this discussion. Ron is now mainstream political discourse. George Will, like the man or not, is an important voice. This is especially gratifying after George Steph..’s earlier interview with Ron Paul where he bet everything he owned, with Ron as his guest, that Ron Paul would not be elected. This was 1 – rude and 2 – extremely smug. This bet, on national television, was a good example of Ron’s use of the term ‘elitism’. (The sense of entitlement by a group or class. Control rule or domination by such a group or class).

  2. Barney says:

    George Steph- shame on you!

    Unfortunately the American Presidential race has become a beauty contest or a high school popularity contest. It seems as though the candidates with the original new ideas are the least likely to earn election. New ideas were the foundation of this great country, government by the people for the people, no taxation w/o representation. The Ron Pauls’ of this election cycle need to be heard by the people, the people should have the choice, not the “talking heads” on the major networks. To hear and learn more about important new ideas to improve access to health care, end the war, rebuild foreign relations, dependence on oil.

    It is about time to end the Clinton-Bush regime, monarchy, hold on the Presidency.

    Mr. Paul, if you are reading pls forward your new ideas to


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