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An Endorsement Ron Paul Should Repudiate Immediately

by @ 9:42 am on October 11, 2007. Filed under 2008 Election, Politics, Ron Paul

Any campaign that wants to be taken seriously has the problem of supporters who they can’t control. Often you can just ignore them, but sometimes you just need to to tell them to go to hell.

For the Ron Paul campaign, this is one of those times:

Stormfront, for those of you who don’t know, is a white supremacist racist organization who has latched onto the Paul candidacy for it’s own purposes.

H/T: QandO

4 Responses to “An Endorsement Ron Paul Should Repudiate Immediately”

  1. Ron Paul can’t help it if a handful of psychopaths support him, any more than you can help it if an occassional psychopath posts or links to your blog.

    What counts is what the candidate supports. Hillary Clinton has supported the Iraq War, torture, and the suspension of our Constitutional rights. Ron Paul’s message has been spot-on about the erosion of our individual freedom.

  2. Wonkette says:

    Billing From Home…

    A day in the life of a non-military contractor. [Arjewtino] “Students in Ohio and Wisconsin are also taking part in similar programs. But in the District, the report says, instead of giving poor children access to better learning environments,…..

  3. James Young says:

    I agree with the sentiment, Doug, but I don’t know if I’d advertise such vile and despicable sentiments by linking to such a video. Questionable call there.

  4. Dragunov says:

    Dr. Paul is being sabotaged by idiots like this lady and all of her ilk, being proud of ones heritage is not something the media decries, I honestly am a bit mixed on my feelings in regards to the UN and WTO.. there are pros and cons that need to be very carefully considered, borders are breaking down all over the world, if we withdraw are we stopping anything but our own advancement in international affairs?

    A difficult question indeed.

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