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Ann Coulter’s Idiocy: This Time On YouTube

by @ 7:34 am on October 12, 2007. Filed under Dumbasses

By now, we’ve all heard about the controversy that has erupting surrounding Ann Coulter’s statement that Jews need to be “perfected.”

Now, you can see her arrogant stupidity for yourself, thanks to the magic of YouTube:

4 Responses to “Ann Coulter’s Idiocy: This Time On YouTube”

  1. TONY says:

    she is 100 % right,and is the only one out there with the balls to speak up!!!i was hoping it offended donny douche(bag)so badly he would of stroked out and fell over/he is such a spineless weasel!!!!donny douche(bag) and keith olberworm will have something to talk about for weeks.well ann there you go again supporting the worm/bag(s)bank accounts again.hey ann do you get to claim these vermin on you taxes????i mean you support 90% of the ny media and you should get an extra deduction for colmes,i love watching you make him squirm!!!! go ann go

  2. Charlie says:

    She states in public the essence of Christian belief theory, My, my, how anti-PC.

  3. Tony & Charlie,

    Has it ever occurred to you that Jews, or those of us who don’t adhere to your particular religious beliefs, don’t want to be “perfected.”

    Leave your religious beliefs to yourself and don’t force them down the throat of everyone else.

  4. HHS says:

    You know, it’s your right not to “want to be perfected”. But who are you to declare other people have to shut up about their beliefs?

    BTW, concerning your supremacy claims for Rabbinic Judaism over Messianic Judaism aside, please be aware you don’t speak for all Jews.

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