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Illegal Immigrants Leaving Prince William County

by @ 6:54 am on October 22, 2007. Filed under Prince William County, Virginia, Virginia Politics

Today’s Washington Post reports that the immigration resolutions passed by the Board of Supervisors already seem to be having an impact:

Supporters of the anti-illegal immigration measure adopted in Prince William County last week have argued that its most important purpose is to send a powerful signal to the county’s mostly Latino illegal immigrants that they are no longer welcome.

It appears the message has already been received: Terrified that new policies will lead to mass deportations, illegal immigrants and the many legal immigrant relatives and friends who live with them have been moving out of Prince William ever since July, when county supervisors first approved the plan’s outline.

The size of the migration is difficult to measure, particularly during a year when slumping housing prices and skyrocketing foreclosures have led many residents to move for purely economic reasons.

Still, signs of the growing climate of fear are everywhere.

At the Freetown Market, a convenience store in a heavily Latino section of Woodbridge that offers U-Haul trucks for hire, one-way rentals have jumped from between 10 and 20 a month just before July to about 40 a month today.

In the same strip mall, at a money-transfer store where the customer line to pay utility bills once snaked out the door, business has slowed so dramatically the past three months that one clerk has been let go and the remaining one spends most of her time on the computer, e-mailing gloomy updates to relatives back home in Guatemala.

A few doors down, staff workers at the IMA English language academy will soon be taking the American flag decorations off the walls and moving to a smaller space, because the number of students has plummeted from 350 to about 60 since July.

“There is a mass panic,” said the academy’s owner, Roberto Catacora. “Those who haven’t already moved away don’t dare step outside their houses.”

More than a few of the people quoted in the story are in the country legally and wouldn’t even be impacted by the resolution and several seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the resolution itself:

Although one of the new measures directs county police to check the immigration status of only criminal suspects, many immigrants think that all Latinos will be subject to random sweeps

Part of the blame for that lies with the opponents of the resolution who exaggerated the impact that the resolution would have., but some supporters of the BOCS will likely point to this article as evidence that their policy is “working.” In reality, all it’s doing is shifting the issue to other parts of the state and region.

6 Responses to “Illegal Immigrants Leaving Prince William County”

  1. Citizen Tom says:

    If illegal immigrants move from here to other areas, that is a success. The voters in those areas will notice and react.

  2. max says:

    Good for Prince William County. I applaud their decision. Only problem is I live in Montgomery County MD which is a “sanctuary county” for ILLEGALS. The social welfare “entitlement” program for ILLEGALS is massive over here. Now, the ILLEGALS are going to migrate over here making things even worse. I, along with others I know, are preparing to move out of the county and further up 270 towards Frederick due to the oncoming tide of ILLEGALS. Not to mention I foresee our taxes increasing even more to give more ILLEGAL immigrants the “entitlements” they demand. God help us all, liberal insanity in this country will destroy us .

  3. Lawful Sam says:

    I disagree that this is directed specifically at the Hispanic community. It is more correct to say that this is targeted against the illegal immigrants within Prince William County. I applaud them for wanting to enforce the law, even if it is an unpopular law. Eventually, other counties will enact other measures to enforce the law. Then Virginia will do the same and then other states

  4. PWC_Resident says:

    I notice how it seems to be no problem to all of you who don’t live here in prince william county. But yet the ones who are really affected by this totally understand. Why don’t those who think that there is no problem with the immigrants in this country come spend a month here in prince william county. Watch some buttcrack drive around in a hummer with white writing that says ” NO TAXES FOR THE RACISTS”. How about you come outside to hear that one of these perverted bastards raped your neighbors 10 year old daughter. The bottom line is this. As a community you can’t seperate the good from the bad unless they come here legally. How do you know that the person who lives next to you isn’t a child molester or a convicted murderer. You don’t this is why you can’t say well what about Juan or Jose he is trying to help his family. It’s this simple if you can’t take the time and the patience to go and get papers you don’t belong here. It’s bad enough we are in a pointless war outside of the country. It’s not even safe here. They bring their gangs and their diseases here. We support them with government assistance. And WHO SUFFERS? Not you because if it hits the fan you can run back to your country. Our ancestors worked hard to make this a free country where everyone should be treated equal. This doesn’t apply to the immigrants who take our resources and send them away to their country. They don’t belong here and this law is totally justifiable. I just can’t wait until they all dissapear. WATCH OUT ILLEGALS. IF YOU COME TO PWC YOU WILL NOT STAY LONG!

  5. Unbelievable says:

    PWC_ resident I guess you are native american. I can’t even comment on the ancestors comment, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Here’s a fact, 70% of the foster children in the VA system are white, many of which have been molested by there white parents.

  6. Mont. Co. Resident says:

    I am upset that Montgomery County is going to be a haven for illegals to move into. How unfair is it to know someone is here illegal and you support them. The housing value will definitely go down and they will trash the entire county. Shame on you Montgomery County!

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