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U.S. Navy Battles Pirates

by @ 4:08 pm on October 30, 2007. Filed under Foreign Affairs, In The News

And I’m not talking about Davy Jones or Blackbeard, but real honest-to-god piracy:

(CNN) — A crew battled pirates in a deadly fight Tuesday to regain control of a North Korean cargo ship off Somalia, the U.S. Navy said. The Navy is still chasing a second ship held by pirates in the area.

When the fight aboard the Dai Hong Dan was over, two pirates were dead and five others were captured, the Navy said, citing initial reports from the crew. Three seriously injured crew members were transferred to the destroyer USS James E. Williams, according to the Navy.

Pirates had seized the ship’s bridge while the crew was holed up in engineering and steering compartments, the Navy said.

After the Navy received a radio report revealing the commandeered ship’s location, the Williams steamed to intercept the Dai Hong Dan, ordering the pirates via bridge-to-bridge radio to give up their weapons.

At that point, crew members stormed the bridge, sparking the deadly battle. After the crew regained control, Navy sailors boarded the Dai Hong Dan to help with the injured.

The incident took place about 70 miles northeast of the Somali capital, Mogadishu, the Navy said.

Somalia ? Didn’t we send troops there to “stablize” the place about 15 years ago. Guess it didn’t work out, huh ?

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