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Is There Such A Thing As A Wine Expert ?

by @ 9:19 am on November 8, 2007. Filed under Wine

The Boston Globe recently challenged four wine experts to a blind taste test, and it yielded some pretty inconsistent results.

Jonah Lerner points to this and other experiments to support the argument that wine tasting is a purely subjective experience that is influenced by more than just what the wine tastes like:

What these experiments neatly demonstrate is that the taste of a wine, like the taste of everything, is not merely the sum of our inputs, and cannot be solved in a bottom-up fashion. It cannot be deduced by beginning with our simplest sensations and extrapolating upwards. When we taste a wine, we aren’t simply tasting the wine. This is because what we experience is not what we sense. Rather, experience is what happens when our senses are interpreted by our subjective brain, which brings to the moment its entire library of personal memories and idiosyncratic desires.


In other words, we shouldn’t be surprised that different people like different bottles of cheap wine.

Or expensive wine for that matter. In other words, ignore the experts and drink what you like.

H/T:  James Joyner

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