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Ron Paul Wins Virginia Republican Straw Poll

by @ 2:28 pm on December 2, 2007. Filed under 2008 Election, Politics, Ron Paul, Virginia, Virginia Politics

The Virginia Republican Party held it’s annual Advance in Arlington this weekend and held a straw poll for the Presidential candidates. Much as he’s done in similar state party straw polls this year, Ron Paul pulled out a victory:

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) convincingly won a straw poll Saturday night at the Virginia Republican Party Advance, an annual conference in Crystal City that drew about 500 state party leaders and activists.

The poll followed a series of speeches by surrogates representing each of the GOP presidential candidates. Voting was open to any Virginia resident who paid $35.

Paul drew 38 percent of the vote after bringing in supporters from all corners of the state.

“It means we’ve got the strength to go the next step to take on the primary in Virginia,” said Dennis Fusaro, Paul’s national field director. “It shows our great organization. We won with a combination of people new to the process and the people who have been involved in the party a long time.”

Former senator Fred Thompson finished second, with 23 percent of the vote. Among his supporters in Crystal City was former Virginia senator George Allen (R), who told conference-goers, “Fred Thompson believes common sense is not very common in Washington D.C.”

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee came in third with 11 percent of the vote. Former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani finished fourth with 9 percent.

The result is interesting, if only because Paul has been a non-entity in most polls of Virginia Republicans.

4 Responses to “Ron Paul Wins Virginia Republican Straw Poll”

  1. cato says:

    Dont you love it when the establishment is bucked? Why in the world would the GOP denegrate Paul supporters? Read the words of Macaca’s toll good ole Tuck:

    Republican officials dismissed the poll’s outcome, noting that Paul has been concentrating on winning straw polls all over the country.

    Paul bused in young supporters. They waved signs and shouted loudly when his name was mentioned.

    “He brought people in here. What is more critical to look at is who finished second and third. That is a more true indicator of the feelings of the Republican Party of Virginia,” said Tucker Watkins of Randolph in Charlotte County, a former 5th District GOP chairman.

    And the GOP wonders why it loses, and will continue to lose elections

  2. Leslie Jones says:

    I was there. Each and every person who voted had to register and pay 35 dollars for their single vote. Only one vote per person was permitted. One could register for the whole weekend, opt for Saturday only or just for the Straw Poll. On Saturday afternoon around 3pm, Ron Paul supporters began to show up en mass. They weren’t in buses. I watched as people pulled up in their cars with RP stickers on them, they got out of the cars with signs and headed into the Hyatt in Crystal City, Arlington, VA. I don’t know where the Richmond Times got their information about “bused” Ron Paul supporters. Some car pooled from all over the state, they all came as individuals. I was one of them. I came in on Friday evening and also Saturday morning to man the RP table(literature, DVDs buttons, bumperstickers, signs). Many of those items were provided by “volunteers” not campaign. This was not driven by “THE CAMPAIGN”. It was self propelled by the grassroots “Paul-en-teers”. How does Ron Paul do it? He doesn’t. It is his ideals, philosophy and consistency, he leads by example. As he has said many times…”They (the volunteers) haven’t joined me(Ron Paul). I’ve joined THEM!”. How humble is that? There was no rigging of the Straw Poll by the Ron Paul campaign. Plain and simple. Those who think otherwise will be in for a big surprise….just like the conventional run-of-the-mill Republican participants of the Huffman Advance were. It was an Advance they won’t forget. Ron Paul supporters believe that He is the true Republican, conservative.We are not just the Internet….and we WILL vote in the Feb 2008 Virginia Primary! By the way, those Virginia RP supporters ran the gamut from 18 years old to Septagenarians! Some brought their children to see the event. I am a 52 years old woman and I believe that Ron Paul will make a wonderful President of the United States of America!

  3. Dave K. says:

    Many people have posted that as soon as they heard of Ron Paul and his message they became an instant supporter, and their families to, freedom seems to be contagious. All we need to do is get Ron Paul’s message of liberty and freedom for all to as many Americans as we can. We all know that the mainstream media is not going to do it, but that’s ok, we don’t need them. There are many ways to get Ron Paul’s message to the masses, here are some ideas:

    1. Signs and stickers (Get creative, make your own signs,and those of you with artistic abilities can use eye
    catching graphics. For example, maybe a poster
    Depicting Ron Paul with a fire hose extinguishing the Bill of Rights or the Constitution which are on fire.
    In addition to saying Ron Paul for President also include a message.
    For example: “Live Free or Die! Ron Paul for President”. Or
    “Please Help Save Our Liberties! Ron Paul for President”.
    Also you might want to post a link to you art work for others
    that are not so artistic to use.

    2. Put together a DVD or CD of Ron Pauls Speeches and
    Clips of him delivering his message, you can find these all
    over the web or even on You Tube. Buy a 50 or 100
    pack of blank DVD’s or CD’s (you can get them cheap at
    Big Lots or other discount stores) and burn this message on to them, take care to put it into a format that is easy to view. Also if you have any video editing skills you should include a message letting people know that they need to register republican as soon as
    possible to vote in the primaries.
    Hand them out to who ever you can and maybe leave some
    on supermarket bulletin boards free for the taking.
    Make a small holder for them that is eye catching and
    invites people’s curiosity. For example write on it (”
    You can help us save America before it too late, please
    view this very important message! Its free!”). Or how about
    leave some in public, perhaps on a bus bench
    or park bench or even the ground. Write on them
    “Top Secrete” or “ What Ever You Do, DO NOT View This DVD”.
    That might spark people’s curiosity. Remember, Dr Paul told us to get creative.
    The goal is to get his message viewed by as many people as possible,then let them make up there own minds. People react to video more than any other media, I think this is the best way to deliver his message.
    If you can,post a link to your video in any comments that you write so that other Ron Paul supporters can download and burn them too.

    3. At some Ron Paul support sites you can purchase a Ron Paul Rubber stamp or you can inexpensively have one custom made that says your favorite Liberty quote along with “Ron Paul for President”. Use this stamp on all
    mail that you send or on anything that you can “Legally” stamp.
    I have seen a Ron Paul stamp on a one dollar bill but I don’t know if that is legal to do or not, you might want to look in to it before stamping any money.

    4. Use a graphic arts program to create a Ron Paul liberty dollar that looks similar to a dollar bill with Ron Paul’s image and liberty messages on it.
    If it looks close to real money you can leave it lying around just about anywhere and someone will pick it up and look at it. If you are a business owner you can give some out to your good customers as coupons worth one dollar a piece.

    5. You can purchase large Ron Paul car window decals at some support sights or even buy them on eBay. Large decals on cars attract a lot of attention and just think about how many vehicles see your car each day when you are out there on the road, this is very effective advertising if you are trying to get your candidates
    name recognized.

    There are many more ways to get Paul’s message to the masses. Remember, the message of freedom is not hard to sell to the American people, We The People just need to be enlightened to the fact that our constitution and our freedom is currently under relentless attack. Most people are not aware of this and as soon as they do become aware of this they to will become outraged, then they to will join the fight to save liberty for ALL!
    I encourage anyone that can think up any other effective methods to spread Paul’s message to copy and paste this list and add your ideas to it then spread it to others. If we can each just pick one method to spread Paul’s message it will spread incredibly fast, because his message is very contagious and as soon as other Americans hear it, they to will become Ron Paul supporters, then they to will want to learn more about Ron Paul,then they to will want to spread the message of freedom for all Americans.

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