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An End To The War Over Christmas

by @ 6:45 am on December 11, 2007. Filed under Freedom of Religion, Holidays

Every year around this time, there’s a story about some controversy involving an official government recognition of Christmas, or Hannukah. On one side are those who are offended by the use of taxpayer dollars to promote what are clearly religious holidays. On the other are those who look at those objections as yet another example of the so-called war on Christmas.

Over at The Liberty Papers, one of my co-contributors has come up with a pretty good solution to the whole problem.

Here’s the money quote:

By forcing people to bear the costs of government, government officials are setting people at each other’s throats. Rather than being a force for peace and civilization, the government becomes a divisive entity, weakening the bonds of fellowship. People who otherwise would get along and have good relations with each other find themselves driven into conflict.

If the fans of Christmas really which to honor the Prince of Peace, they should eschew government-funded displays in favor of privately funded ones. Otherwise they are nudging society in a more conflict-prone, violent direction.

Read the whole thing.

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