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Mike Huckabee: Don’t Look Too Closely

by @ 5:33 pm on December 11, 2007. Filed under 2008 Election, Mike Huckabee, Politics

A finely done parody of a campaign that, unfortunately, is anything but a joke:

H/T: Jason

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11 Responses to “Mike Huckabee: Don’t Look Too Closely”

  1. Ha ha! That’s great.

  2. Eric Dondero says:

    Hey now! McCain is not 178 years old. His birthday is not til February. He’s just 177.

  3. chukmaty says:

    I would not call a campaign that was underfunded surging into firts place on the basis of honesty and transparency a joke.

    And anyways, Huckabee didn’t release the rapist, he denied clemency.

    The report question was a gotchya given it was released hours earlier while Huckabee was on the road campaigning.

    This video just is not all that accurate or funny.

    Huckabee has smashed my cynical view of politics these last several months and is redefining how presidential politics is run. no one thought that an underfunded campaign would be able to be a winner with a person who was almost completely unknown outside his home state. And no one would have ever guessed it was done without negative campaigning.

    Romney has a friend in Matt Drudge who has been more than happy doing Mitt’s dirty work by whipping up some yellow journalism headlines every other day.

    Yet, Huckabee still surges… I greatly look forward to voting for Mike Huckabee.

    PS. Bummer for Mitt that he just spent all that money on a new attack ad against Huckabee’s immigration record, just to have Jim Gilchrist endorse Huckabee and ruin Mitt’s parade.

  4. vrk says:

    Huckabee went to the parole board and after talking lobbying for the murdering rapist to be released they went from 4-1 against releasing him to 4-1 for releasing, so its really you who should be accurate. Also lets not forget that Huckabee pardoned more people during his time as governor than the 4 previous governors before him total (that’s over 17 years worth of governors).

  5. Spence says:

    The real story is why he pardoned that joker. It was because he raped a distant cousin of Bill’s, and so all the Clinton-haters went into overdrive turning the guy into a saint, cuz anyone who rapes a Clinton can’t be all that bad, right? This dude was the toast of brainless talk radio for years, a supposed Clinton “victim”. So Huckabee, who only gets his positions if he hears them across a scratchy AM transmitter, bought the bullshit story hook, line, and whoa that’s a big one!
    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Clinton hysteria actually killed someone. Like killed them dead.
    Thanks Governor Youth Pastor!

  6. Zeus says:

    Shhh, keep quiet. Let Huckabee skate a while longer. Let him get the nomination. Out of the top Republican contenders, he’s the easiest to beat in the general election. People who think he can copy Clinton’s rise in ’92 (or Carter’s in ’76) forget that Bill already had assembled a potent machine by this point and was the most centrist candidate out there. Huck’s appeal is that he’s even more to the right than his competitors. Sure he seems like a breath of fresh air after seven years of Bush and a year of the Rudy/Romney show, but the reality is he’s less Clinton/Carter than McGovern. Maybe Tom Eagleton is available to be his VP.

  7. Gary says:

    I’m a Huckabee supporter and I thought it was pretty funny … accurate, maybe not, but still pretty funny.

    Maybe I just like humor too much …

  8. Aaron says:

    “I believe to try to legitimize that which is inherently illegitimate would be a disgraceful act of government. I feel homosexuality is an aberrant, unnatural and sinful lifestyle, and we now know it can pose a dangerous public health risk.”
    -Mike Huckabee


    Yeah, I want an individual living in the Dark Ages as my president.

  9. GM says:

    VRK: Can you try that once more – but this time try to make an actual point? In language that someone other than you can understand?

  10. Lauren says:

    HAHA. That’s awesome. More a parody of Huckabee’s supporters the candidate. Also a grim look at the slim pickings for Bush-orthodox republicans.

  11. Tony says:

    I don’t know much about politics.

    Does Mr. Huckabee pass the Republicans’ religious test for office?

    Just sayin’.

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