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Mike Bloomberg’s Billion Dollar Campaign

by @ 7:54 am on December 17, 2007. Filed under 2008 Election, Michael Bloomberg, Politics

Forbes is reporting this morning that New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg fully intends to run for President, and that he’s willing to spend a billion dollars in the process:

Look out, Hillary and Barack, here comes Mike. No, not Mike Huckabee (though he’d better watch out, too). Mike Bloomberg–Mayor Mike as millions of New Yorkers more or less affectionately call him.

And this time it is for real. Folks close to New York City’s twice-elected mayor suggest that he’s made up his mind to end one of the city’s long-running rumors and become an Independent candidate for president.

The date of his announcement? Pencilled in for right after Super Tuesday–Feb. 5. By then Bloomberg would have a pretty good idea of just who would be lining up against his third-party, self-financed billion-dollar campaign.

It’s hard to know just what kind of impact Bloomberg might have on the General Election in 2008. There have been rumors that a Bloomberg campaign might hook up with the Unity `08 movement, and even rumors that he’s been talking to former Vice-President Al Gore which has led to speculation of a Gore/Bloomberg independent ticket, though that seems rather unlikely.

This much is true, though, if Bloomberg really is willing to spend a billion dollars on a Presidential campaign he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with. And, unlike the last billionaire to run for President, Bloomberg doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would drop out in the middle of the campaign just when it seemed like he had a chance to win.

3 Responses to “Mike Bloomberg’s Billion Dollar Campaign”

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    @Doug Mataconis – As you speculate, I have a hard time seeing the similarities between Ross Perot and Mike Bloomberg. Sure they are both billionaires, however, Mike has an incredible record of public service that goes beyond his two-terms as mayor. He …

  2. Gore would not go for the veep twice, but I bet Mike will get his endorsement. That will probably help him more than being on the ticket anyway. I see a more likely ticket being Bloomberg/Hagel or Bloomberg/Nunn. None the less, just keep the buzz buzzing.

  3. Mona says:

    I am double, and triple checking the date on your post. If this is true, I’m absolutely thrilled.

    We’re organizing unaffiliated and independent voters in Howard County, Maryland and have a quarterly periodical published on local issues – because this is the field for the incumbency gate.

    I emailed Bloomberg for another reason, but mentioned that he’d make a great president. He emailed back! Another advantage of being Independent is that you can actually have a two way conversation with national figures.

    The Newsweek article on Bloomberg was filled with good info – see Bloomberg’s site for the link.

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