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The Ron Paul/Stormfront Story Hits The MSM

by @ 6:03 pm on December 19, 2007. Filed under 2008 Election, Politics, Ron Paul

Frankly, I was beginning to think that I was wrong in my prediction that the story about Ron Paul’s campaign receiving a $ 500 donation from the guy who runs the Stormfront website would eventually be picked up by the mainstream media as Paul became more of a story in the race.

It appears, though, that I was right after all:

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul has received a $500 campaign donation from a white supremacist, and the Texas congressman doesn’t plan to return it, an aide said Wednesday.

Don Black, of West Palm Beach, recently made the donation, according to campaign filings. He runs a Web site called Stormfront with the motto, “White Pride World Wide.” The site welcomes postings to the “Stormfront White Nationalist Community.”

“Dr. Paul stands for freedom, peace, prosperity and inalienable rights. If someone with small ideologies happens to contribute money to Ron, thinking he can influence Ron in any way, he’s wasted his money,” Paul spokesman Jesse Benton said. “Ron is going to take the money and try to spread the message of freedom.”

“And that’s $500 less that this guy has to do whatever it is that he does,” Benton added.

Black said he supports Paul’s stance on ending the war in Iraq, securing U.S. borders and his opposition to amnesty for illegal immigrants.

“We know that he’s not a white nationalist. He says he isn’t and we believe him, but on the issues, there’s only one choice,” Black said Wednesday.

“We like his stand on tight borders and opposition to a police state,” Black told The Palm Beach Post earlier.

On his Web site, Black says he has been involved in “the White patriot movement for 30 years.”

There really isn’t any other way to spin this. This is bad press. And it could have been avoided if they’d just return the $ 500, or even donate it to, say, the Holocaust Museum or something. Five hundred bucks doesn’t mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but the damage the donation does could be worth a lot more than that.

9 Responses to “The Ron Paul/Stormfront Story Hits The MSM”

  1. Commenter says:

    The shame is that “polical power,” the power to discredit a legitimate campaign, is being handed to organizations such as Stormfront. Am I supposed to choose a candidate by whomever Stormfront doesn’t support?

  2. Joe S. says:

    On December 16, Ron Paul received six million dollars from thousands of people who believe in peace and freedom.

    Six million dollars is twelve thousand times as much as five hundred dollars.

    Six million dollars is 1,200,000% more than five hundred dollars.

    But I suppose five hundred dollars in campaign funding seems like a lot of money — to a Neocon presidential candidate.

    Neocon presidential candidates, by the way, believe in imperial war, torture, censorship, and suspending civil rights. Not that there’s anything Fascist about that!

  3. Joe,

    Which is exactly why giving back the money would’ve been a lot cheaper than having to deal with this story two weeks before the primaries start.

  4. Fred Evil says:

    Why give it back? Why? So he can use it to do other ignorant white supremacist stuff? To buy more ropes abd crosses? What good does it do to give it back? To show you don’t support it? But giving it back makes it useful to him again. Better to take it, denounce him, and use the money to fight against his actions. Money’s money, giving it back is pointless and foolish.

  5. J. Tyler Ballance says:

    I love Ron Paul even more because he won’t be race-baited by the Neocon propagandists. Ron Paul’s campaign is right to accept the support of ALL AMERICANS, regardless of race, color, gender or CREED!

    Citizens of all walks of life support Congressman Paul, EXACTLY because he does not bow to political correctness. The Constitution says we are all equal under the law, so Ron Paul treats all citizens the same way, with the same friendship and as equals.

    Some people have been so beaten down by the worshipers of political correctness, that they mistakenly believe that it is normal to reject someone’s support merely because they have a different political belief or religion than you have, when the way America is supposed to work, you are supposed to be free to speak your mind and support any political candidate that you want.

    The main reason that Ron Paul’s campaign has attracted the widest number of women and minority supporters among the Republicans, is because these folks realize that Ron Paul means that there will be Liberty and Justice, for All! This is good news for every citizen, and the right message for the Twenty-First Century, so that we can ALL move forward as a UNITED People.

    Sure, some Ron Paul supporters have real differences, but we are all UNITED in our quest to restore this Democratic Republic under our Constitution.

    I expect to see more Nixonian smear attempts by the Neocons, but Americans are wise to those old Watergate-style tricks.

    Everyone UNITE and join the PAULISTINIANS! This may be our last chance to save our Freedom.

  6. Matt says:

    Maybe Don Black could support the insurance industry next. Then we’d be getting somewhere.

  7. [...] accepted money from a known white-supremacist. The Paul campaign responded with this statement: Dr. Paul stands for freedom, peace, prosperity [...]

  8. George Dance says:

    It’s not bad press at all. Paul’s base is absolutely solid. The anti-war activists who’re there to stop the war; the right-to-lifers who want Roe vs. Wade nullified; the gun owners who see him as their only chance; the Truthers and others who think the neocons are out of control; and the young people who just think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread – none of them are going to give up because of Don Black and his $500. None of them care about Don Black and his $500.

    As for the general public; the older this story gets, the more often it gets repeated, the more the general public is going to realize that there are no skeletons in Paul’s closet – if *this* is all they can dig up on a politican with a 20-year record – and the more they’ll discount it.

    The only thing this has accomplished: there are now 12 or so people on the net calling Paul and his followers Nazis. Which is not hurting him.

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