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Another Example Of How Ron Paul’s Supporter’s Aren’t Helping Him

by @ 4:11 pm on January 8, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Politics, Ron Paul

I’m no Sean Hannity fan, but this video of a gang of Ron Paul supporters chasing him through the streets of Manchester, New Hampshire is a prime example of exactly what a competent political campaign should not want from it’s supporters:

Stupid, just plain stupid.

10 Responses to “Another Example Of How Ron Paul’s Supporter’s Aren’t Helping Him”

  1. Norm says:

    I’m not a Ron Paul fan either, but I think you’re a pussy. The crowd wasn’t violent and didn’t appear to say anything to Hannity that he didn’t deserve.

  2. I didn’t say they were violent, they were just acting like a bunch of drunk college kids.

  3. TulsaAtlas says:

    Using the radio as a bully pulpit to spread lies that devoted Republicans view as gospel deserves something far worse than the harassment he receieved here. He is such a wus that he didn’t even think of protecting the woman with him. This really did my heart good as I cannot stand him (and I do consider myself a Republican). Ron Paul is not going to win but we do not have to put up with the BS spread by Fox News anymore.

  4. I don’t care about Hannity, but there’s no way that those people did Ron Paul any favors.

  5. hseldon says:

    Let’s keep some perspective. Fox news excluded a viable candidate (Ron Paul) from a presidential debate – probably because of his political views. Outrageous, no matter which candidate you support. People need to do something and a non violent protest that got lots of media attention is great, IMO.

  6. J. Tyler Ballance says:

    I started out this campaign season collecting signatures to get Mitt Romney on the Virginia ballot. After getting about 150 signatures for Mitt, I had to take some time off to interview for some real jobs. While I was out job-hunting, I started reading more about Dr. Paul and his steadfast support for returning our government to its Constitutional limits. While I still like Mitt Romney and admire both him and his family, I found that Ron Paul spoke more to the issues that have concerned me the most for the last several decades. Since it was clear that Mitt would have no trouble getting on the ballot, when I had some spare time, I began helping to get Ron Paul on the Virginia ballot, too.

    I don’t care about those, like Hannity, who try to smear Ron Paul. Dr. Paul’s impeccable record speaks for itself.

    What I truly admire is the way Ron Paul thoroughly answers questions and is unafraid to engage in an honest discussion of the issues with anyone. He is always polite, and his answers are thorough and well reasoned.

    It is a shame that Fox elected to influence the election by excluding Dr. Paul from the recent debate. I like what Dr. Paul stands for and I would like more of the Republican candidates to speak as forthrightly as Dr. Paul does. Whether you support Dr. Paul or not, America is well served by having his voice in the nominating process.

    I think that Ron Paul would make a superb President, who would begin to reign in this leviathan government and bring an end to the Neocon’s concept of the “Unitary Executive” that is just another way of describing an Imperial President.

    If you want to know how Ron Paul would govern, then just read the Constitution. Ron Paul would restore the balance of power between the three branches of government and he would obey the Constitution. I believe that most citizens on both sides of the political aisle would be very happy with Ron Paul as our President.

    If you want to read more about Ron Paul, instead of relying on dishonest radio talk show hosts for information, go to and review Dr. Paul’s positions and his writings.

    Ron Paul can win the Republican nomination, but it will take the Sally Soccermoms and Joe Sixpacks to put down that TV remote long enough to actually learn about the issues and how Dr. Paul will faithfully govern by our Constitution. If he is our nominee, Ron Paul’s detailed command of the issues, in-depth experience and knowledge about our government, will make him a formidable opponent to whoever the Democrats nominate. In a debate, Dr. Paul would shred Obama, Clinton Jr. and Edwards, all put together.

  7. bob says:


    If you think protest, even routie protest, and, yes, even violent protest (which this wasn’t) doesn’t work then you have chosen to ignore world history for the past 60 years.

  8. [...] In the run-up to the primaries there were several occasions during which Ron Paul was either nearly excluded or excluded all together from Republican candidate debates. Back in May, the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party said that Ron Paul should be excluded from future debates based upon what he said about 9/11 and blowback. As a result his office was flooded with phone calls from Paul’s supporters. In January, Fox News excluded Paul from a pre-New Hampshire candidate debate and some of Ron Paul’s supporters were so angry that they chased Sean Hannity through the streets of Manchester. [...]

  9. [...] It wasn’t just the Neo-Nazis that hurt, elements of the grassroots did as well. In Michigan they hounded Rudy Giuliani during a campaign stop, and did the same thing in Georgia in November, and then, in January, they chased Sean Hannity through the streets of Manchester, New Hampshire. [...]

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