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Jack Bauer, Victim Of The Writer’s Strike

by @ 6:12 pm on January 14, 2008. Filed under 24, Television

Were it not for the writer’s strike, tonight I’d be sitting down to watch Part II of the premier of 24’s 7th season.

Rick Moran puts it best:

I will miss my weekly dose of Jack. I will miss Chloe’s bitchiness. I will miss seeing Jack violate the Constitution with impunity thus driving liberals insane. I will miss wondering when they are going to put Jack out of his misery and kill him off – his death being the only thing he has left that is truly his own. I will miss the broken plot threads, the insanely unlikely plot twists, the politically correct characters, the gee-whiz tech stuff at CTU, and the mayhem.

So tonight, when you hit your knees, pray that the producers relent a little and the writers give a little so that we can once again be thrilled, awed, and frustrated by Jack and his heroic cohorts who battle terrorism the way we wish it would be confronted – with a moral certitude that we are in the right and they are in the wrong.

If Jack Bauer was involved, this strike would have been settled before it started.

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  1. Riley says:

    Open a socket.

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