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Republicans In Florida All Tied Up

With two weeks to go the Republican race in Florida, the last battleground before Super Tuesday is closer than it’s ever been:

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds four candidates essentially tied for the lead in Florida’s Republican Presidential Primary. It’s McCain 19%, Giuliani 18%, Romney 18%, and Huckabee 17%. Fred Thompson is a few points off the pace at 11% while Ron Paul is a distant sixth with support from 5% of Likely Primary Voters.

The race in Florida is very fluid. Just 45% of Likely Primary Voters say they are “certain” to vote for the candidate they currently support. Another 45% say they could change their mind while 10% do not even have a first choice.

Giuliani enjoys the most solid support—63% of his voters are “certain” they will vote for him. Fifty-five percent (55%) of Romney’s voters are that certain along with 42% of McCain fans and 41% of those who support Huckabee. Just 9% of Giuliani voters say there is a “good chance” they could change their mind. That figure ranges from 16% to 18% for the other three top candidates in Florida.

This can, and will, change before January 29th, but Florida is a clear reflection of the fact that the Republican race is incredibly fluid right now.

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