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Fred Thompson Out Of Debate, Possibily Out Of Race

by @ 1:13 pm on January 22, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Fred Thompson, Politics

It seems that Fred Thompson has backed out of Thursday’s Republican debate in Florida:

Fox News is reporting that Fred Thompson has told Fox he will not be participating in Thursday’s debate and may make an announcement about his candidacy soon.

And Jim Geraghty at National Review reports this:

I spoke to one of my Thompson sources.

He’s still with his ailing mother. “He’s just being a good son.”

He has not spoken to any other campaign or any other candidates, nor does he intend to at this time.

He will not endorse, I am told by this source close to Thompson.

I am also told, “he has no interest in a vice presidency or a cabinet position.” At an “appropriate time” he will outline his plans for the near future.

In other words, he hasn’t announced it officially yet, but Fred Thompson is out of the race.

One Response to “Fred Thompson Out Of Debate, Possibily Out Of Race”

  1. Chaya says:

    There is another conservative candidate: Jerry Curry. Go to !!!

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