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Fred Thompson Never Wanted To Be President

by @ 5:29 pm on January 24, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Fred Thompson, Politics

That’s what Fox’s Carl Cameron is reporting today:

Back in March of 07 at the CPAC convention in DC several former Fred Thompson Congressional staffers told me Fred Thompson was thinking about a run. Some of his Tennessee cronies had been talking him up too.

I reported first that he was eyeing a White House bid. At the time several insiders told me OFF THE RECORD that it was largely a trial ballon to guage his popularity and float his name as a possible vice presidential nominee. I was sworn to silence.

Those insiders have now lifted the conditions on our conversations. From March to August of 07 through postponed announcement days, staff changes, firings, resignations and general disarray the Thompson camp was stunned by the incredibly positive response and didn’t really know how to manage it. The trial balloon soared mighty high and he found himself being dragged into a race that he was not even sure how to run.

He took third in Iowa and Third in South Carolina, after which his aides openly suggested the #2 slot on the ticket. The circle has been closed, and Fred Dalton Thompson is waiting to see if he gets the call from the eventual nominee.

Well that sure explains a heck of a lot.

H/T: Brendan Loy

One Response to “Fred Thompson Never Wanted To Be President”

  1. Lucy says:

    Carl Cameron is so full of it! Does anyone really beleive that if he had this information, off the record or not, he would have let his good friend Jim Mills throw away his career for the Thompson campaign?

    It was Jim’s firing that set him on this personal vendetta. An idiot can watch tape and clearly mark the day Cameron and Fox started the “Lazy,” “campaign in dissaray” bull.

    I do owe him some thanks though. I have just saved a good amount of money by changing my cable subscription to a plan that does not include Fox.

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