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Romney Takes The Lead In Florida

by @ 3:54 pm on January 24, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Mitt Romney, Politics

The latest Rasmusses Reports poll shows Mitt Romney taking a slight lead in the Florida primary:

On the eve of a Republican Presidential Debate in Boca Raton, the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 36% of Florida’s Republican Primary Voters could still change their mind before voting. That figure includes 4% who haven’t yet settled on a candidate and 9% who say there’s a good chance they could change their mind.

That’s more than enough uncommitted voters to determine what has become a very close race and it certainly raises the stakes in tonight’s debate.

The Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds Mitt Romney with 27% of the vote, John McCain with 23%, and Rudy Giuliani picking up support from 20%. Nineteen percent (19%) of those surveyed have already cast their ballots.

Romney has picked up two points since the previous Rasmussen Reports poll conducted on Sunday night. McCain has gained three points and Giuliani just one. In between the two polls, former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson dropped out of the race leaving the major candidates scrambling for his support.

Mike Huckabee has slipped to 15%, Ron Paul earns 4% of the vote, and 6% have either voted for some other candidate or will do so.

All of which makes tonight’s GOP debate all the more interesting.

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