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Barack Obama’s Big Month

by @ 11:30 am on January 31, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Barack Obama, Politics

Not only was January a good month for Barack Obama at the ballot box, he also managed to raise an incredible amount of money:

The campaign of Barack Obama will report having raised at least $32 million in the month of January, a staggering amount for one month, campaign manager David Plouffe said this morning.

That included contributions from 170,000 new donors. That brings the campaign’s total number of contributors to 650,000, Plouffe said.

Plouffe said the money came in at a consistent pace throughout the month, but the campaign’s strongest day of fundraising came the day after the New Hampshire primary, which Obama narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton.

“We took a lot of encouragment from that because it showed the resolve of our existing donor base,” Plouffe said.

He said the money has enabled the campaign “to advertise in just about every Feb 5 state at pretty high levels.”

“Our ability to raise this kind of money is going to be critical to transacting what is a very challenging calendar,” he said.

Look out Hillary.

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