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Weather Impacting Potomac Primary In Northern Virginia & Maryland

by @ 5:18 pm on February 12, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, 2008 Presidential Primary, Politics, Virginia, Virginia Politics

As of now, there are about two hours left to vote in Virginia, and three hours left in Maryland and the District of Columbia, and some nasty weather has moved into the area:

Spotty flurries and snow showers that moved through the region this morning, mainly to the north and west of D.C., have now come to an end as a new round of wintry precipitation moves into the area. Extra caution on roadways is advised where temperatures are currently at or below freezing.

Before polls close: Temperatures will remain near or below freezing throughout much of the area as sleet and freezing rain showers move through. At most risk for icy conditions between now and 7 p.m. (Virginia) or 8 p.m. (D.C. and Maryland) poll closures will be locations west and north of D.C. in Maryland and Virginia, where 3 p.m. temperatures remain in the upper 20s. In the city, some spots may become icy, but most will remain wet instead as temperatures move towards the freezing mark by mid-evening. In the portions of Maryland south and east of D.C., iciness should pose little to no problem as temperatures are approaching and should eventually edge above freezing.

Though it is arriving at a bad time for the evening commute and last-minute voters, this batch of precipitation is showery in nature and moving fairly quickly, so most locations will not see prolonged wintry conditions. Elevated roadways and walkways will be most at risk for slippery travel.

Weather like this can bring Washington to it’s knees pretty easily and, from the reports of accidents on the Beltway and I-66, it sounds like things are not so good out there right now.

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