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Rasmussen: Warner Leads Gilmore By 20 Points

The latest Rasmussen poll of Virginia voters shows Mark Warner with a 20 point lead over likely Republican nominee Jim Gilmore:

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Virginia voters found Democrat Mark Warner still holding a significant lead over Republican Jim Gilmore in the race for the U.S. Senate. Warner leads Gilmore by twenty percentage points, 57% to 37%.

The race between the two former governors hasn’t changed much since early January when Warner led by fifteen points.

Warner’s support increased among male voters since the last survey from 47% to 56%. The democrat now earns support evenly from men and women.

Warner earns high levels of support from liberals (88%) and moderates (70%) and even a third of conservative voters (34%). Gilmore attracts 60% of conservatives and 24% of moderate voters.

Favorability ratings for the two candidates differ greatly. Warner is viewed favorably by 68% of voters and unfavorably by 27% of voters. Gilmore earns positive reviews from 48% of Virginia voters and negative reviews from 44%.

Since there hasn’t been much campaigning on either side, it’s not surprising that there’s been very little movement. Back in October, Warner had a 24 point lead over Gilmore, and in January he was shown leading Gilmore by 15 points.

Things aren’t looking good for the GOP in November.

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