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Russia: Force Not Ruled Out In Kosovo Crisis

by @ 6:55 am on February 22, 2008. Filed under Foreign Affairs, Russia, Serbia

Russia has just escalated the war of words over Kosovo’s independence from Serbia:

(CNN) — Russia has not ruled out using force to resolve the dispute over Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia if NATO forces breach the terms of their U.N. mandate, Moscow’s ambassador to NATO warned on Friday.

“If the EU works out a single position or if NATO steps beyond its mandate in Kosovo, these organizations will be in conflict with the U.N., and then I think we will also begin operating under the assumption that in order to be respected, one needs to use force,” Dmitry Rogozin said, in comments carried by Russia’s Interfax news agency.

Russia, which has close ties with Serbia, has refused to recognize Kosovo’s sovereignty, triggering a terse diplomatic standoff with the U.S. and several EU member states including the UK, France and Germany which have already recognized its independent status.

Whether this is just diplomatic bluster or something more remains to be seen.

8 Responses to “Russia: Force Not Ruled Out In Kosovo Crisis”

  1. German Castro says:

    The British, Germans, French, and most sadily, the Americans are supporting narco-terrorist Prime Minister Thaci of Kosovo. Murdering hundreds of Serbs, his guerrilla movement, and not to mention, drug, oil and car smuggling and prostitution rings are all supported by the American “nightmare.”

    The seperatist movement of Kosovo will further destablize the Balkan region–an objective of the Bush’ Adminstration–an eonomy going into deppression–Answer? War.

    I would be interesting to see if the American government would allow MExicans to seperate California, Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas? Of couse not–the would respond by suppressing the movement–violently.


    This is proof that Russia more then Serbia what things to go bad in this region. Its one of those I told you so. An Russia will make sure and has made sure that it will do anything to make that happen. I ask the world to please take notice. That Russia some how thinks that they can pass this off as American and europe’s fault so it can hide its true intentions. Please be advised to all those who are from a true democratic society to stand by your government and stray from any thoughts of secret agenda’s and conspiracy. There is no conspiracy when it come to the truth and facts of kosovo. Try to find out the truth an not fabricated and distorted one sided histories. TIP. “DIG DEEP”

  3. Dusan says:

    It is fact that US broke international law recognizing Kosovo. It is fact that US goverment think that they have right to butcher 1/3 of the somebody territory but for god sake do not touch our Embassy because that is against international law. It is fact that US think that they have more rights than anybody else, to skip UN and do what ever they want in the world. Democracy and foreign policy not have anything in common, only interest. It is OK to go in Iraq and destroy that country but it is not OK for Russia to help allay for centuries. After all how many resolutions from UN condemning Israel US veto?


    The biggest problem with the Serbs is that your government is Russia’s whore. Your government has manipulated you to think you cant go on living with out kosovo. Do you not see whats happening to the Serb people? They are making you think that your lives are over that you are nothing with out Kosovo. An everyone who dose not follow are not a true Serb. What the hell is wrong with you? The world is watching all of you and they are confused. Stop the destruction of your people, an say this is not our future. Show your government that you will not be used as some protected shield that they can hide behind. Kosovo will always be there its not going anywhere. Its just being stabilized so that all of you can share it. It is going to be the gate way to Europe to democracy to true freedom. I promise you that these are the true facts!


    My dear Russian you have showed your ugly head once again! What are you afraid of? That if the people of Serbia wake up from this national coma you put them in. That what little influence you have in europe will be gone? You are clearing the fog for all of us its almost scary but if you add it up. Russia almost sounds like some thing out of my bible. ” LET HIM WHO HAVE UNDERSTANDING KNOW THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST”! Everyone knows that the devil will try to manipulate and disguise his true intentions.

  6. I didn’t believe until now the underground news/stories about the 9/11, Irak, Iran …

    Me and a lot of my romanian friends, we see the support the Kosovo rebels (or better drog guerillas) to win the power and separate from Serbia very and strictly related to the actual state of US economy.

    Like one the previous post, I see that there is a chain of events: bombing Irak, 9/11, bombing Serbia, bombing Irak (2nd time), exclusive selling Tamiflu(what for?!) for bird flu and now Kosovo. And I won’t mention: Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela.

    If I would be a serb now, I would proudly go and if possible crash a 747 in the Pentagon, Empire State Building, White House or maybe better Hallibourton HQ.

    Long live Serbia!
    Go away and leave us America!

  7. Leon says:

    I would guess the only people in the entire world who understand democracy are guess who? OPENYOUREYES/Americans, yes we all have our eyes open some of us are bilingual and can read news from other countries, analyze and listen to all the sides. Some of you are to ignorant to understand.

    Democracy in your understanding is to fly throughout the world and force people to believe in the same values you believe in, and if they don’t bomb them, call them socialists, communists and terrorists? Or to make people in those countries believe that all you do is for their sake, everyone knows the only moving force for you is your own interests and nothing else.

    Your do not try to bring democracy to poor Africa, you do not try to help someone live better, all you do is bringing destruction and hate. Think for once in your life before posting those ugly and stupid posts.

    Russia always will be supporting Serbia, and US/NATO has no business being there. So my advice to all of the once who think that anything you do can go unpunished = watch out!

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