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The Serbian Looter Girls

by @ 4:53 pm on February 22, 2008. Filed under Dumbasses, Foreign Affairs, Serbia

Not everyone on the streets of Belgrade yesterday was there to protest Kosovar independence:

3 Responses to “The Serbian Looter Girls”

  1. bojana says:

    nato & usa’s displacement of serbs from croatia, bosnia and now kosovo- leave women on the streets, think about them having nothing to eat while youre asleep in your comfortable bed

  2. John says:

    Judging from the ample figures, these women were eating pretty well…

  3. Roach says:

    These young retards act like stupid teenage shoplifters and it’s a global crisis. The Albanian terrorists with US help steal part of a country, and we’re all supposed to march in step and say “freedom is on the march.” Sorry, we’re not drinking the NWO Kool-Aid this time.

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