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FBI Opens Clemens Investigation

by @ 5:29 pm on February 28, 2008. Filed under Baseball, Mitchell Report, Roger Clemens, Sports

Not surprisingly, the FBI announced that it was opening an investigation to determine if Roger Clemens’ committed perjury during his February 13th Congressional testimony:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI has begun investigating whether Roger Clemens lied to Congress when he denied taking steroids, officials said Thursday in the case of another baseball star snared in a long-running inquiry into drug use by professional athletes.

Clemens, the All-Star pitcher and seven-time Cy Young Award winner, maintains he has never used steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs. His former personal trainer, Brian McNamee, claims otherwise, testifying that he injected Clemens with human growth hormones and steroids at least 16 to 21 times from 1998 to 2001.

FBI agents in Washington opened the case a little more than two weeks after both Clemens and McNamee appeared at the same House hearing on Feb. 13, each accusing the other of lying.

“The request to open an investigation on the congressional testimony of Roger Clemens has been turned over to the FBI and will receive appropriate investigative action by the Washington Field Office,” said FBI spokeswoman Debra Weierman.

And just so we’re clear on what the consequences for Clemens could be, I give you two words — Marion Jones:

[F]ormer Olympic track gold medalist Marion Jones was sentenced in January to six months in prison for lying to federal investigators about taking the designer steroid “the clear.” The drug has been linked to the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, the lab at the center of the steroids scandal in professional sports.

And Jones didn’t testify for three hours, on television, before Congress. This could end pretty badly for Clemens. Which is sad for many reasons, not the least of them being that this hearing never should have been conducted in the first place.

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