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News From TX-14

by @ 6:32 pm on February 28, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Politics, Ron Paul

A newly released public poll seems to show that Ron Paul has a comfortable lead in his Congressional re-election campaign:

- Overall, Paul leads Peden 63-30 percent. Paul leads by 37 points with women and 29 points with men.

– Paul does best with voters under 30, winning them by 64 points. He does worst with voters between 30 and 45, winning by only 19 points.

– Paul easily wins voters whose top concerns are the economy (70-26 Paul over Peden), taxes (65-24), “moral and family values” (65-28), Iraq (64-27), immigration (59-33), and health care (52-36) The only group Peden wins is voters concerned with education: They go for him by 14 points.

Of course, while Paul’s constituents seem to want to keep him in Congress, they clearly don’t want him as President:

The worst news for Paul is probably that a mere 18 percent of TX-14 voters will cast presidential ballots for him. Dean Debman of PPP says that suspending his presidential campaign probably saved his job in the house. “If he had continued to spend most of his time campaigning out of state he might have been in trouble,” Debman said in a statement,” but it doesn’t appear he’s facing too much damage on the home front for his national candidacy.” Still, it’s likely Paul will come out of the Texas primary with no convention delegates.

Meanwhile, Wonkette posted an interview with Chris Peden yesterday:

Future Congressman Peden on the nuttiness of Ron Paul:

His voting record is … it’s horrid — 351 pieces of legislation he sponsored, six came out of committee, and none have ever passed. And if you go back and look, he just regurgitates the same pieces of legislation. “Restore the Second Amendment.” What does that mean, exactly?

But that’s his bill, and two years later he submits the bill again. He just keeps reprinting these and throwing them out there. And now he doesn’t even get any cosponsors on many of his bills. [With] many of his amendments, he’s called out of order on the floor for even putting the amendment in, because he doesn’t follow the rules of operation in the House.

He’s up there to make a point, not a difference. He wants to be called out of order because then it’s unique and it’s unusual, and he gets press, or at least Roll Call will say “Here he goes again.” But you know, if you do that once a year or once a term, it works. If you do it three or four times a day, it gets old.

You know, there are worse things in the world than a Congressman who doesn’t accomplish anything. We could use another 434 of those.

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  2. [...] Once again, Ron Paul won’t win any delegates but it looks like he will win re-election to Congress. [...]

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