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Pettitte To Clemens: I Feel Your Pain

by @ 5:46 pm on February 28, 2008. Filed under Baseball, Mitchell Report, New York Yankees, Roger Clemens, Sports

Or, something like that:

Andy Pettitte was not surprised to learn that his friend and former teammate, Roger Clemens, is being investigated by the Department of Justice for possibly making false statements to Congress earlier this month.

“In my mind, I was prepared that it might happen,” Pettitte, the Yankees’ left-hander, said at Legends Field on Thursday. “I hate it.”

Pettitte seemed to be referring to the entire Clemens episode, which has made him a player in a legal drama at a time when he would rather concentrate on baseball. He said he had not talked to his lawyers about how the latest development in the Clemens case might affect him.

“I’ve got one concern now and that’s trying to help them team win,” Pettitte said. “There’s nothing I can do. Until someone tells me to go somewhere, I don’t have nothing to say about it. I just want to get ready for the season.”

Pettitte did not try to pretend as if his involvement has been easy for him personally. He reiterated that it was “extremely difficult” to give a deposition before the House oversight committee earlier this month and talk about Clemens and their former personal trainer, Brian McNamee.

Sadly, this will all probably end with Andy Pettitte testifying in Federal Court in Washington, D.C. against his old friend and teammate.

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