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We Won’t Have Mike Bloomberg To Kick Around

by @ 6:57 am on February 28, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Michael Bloomberg, Politics

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced in a New York Times Op-Ed piece today that he is not running for President:

I listened carefully to those who encouraged me to run, but I am not — and will not be — a candidate for president. I have watched this campaign unfold, and I am hopeful that the current campaigns can rise to the challenge by offering truly independent leadership. The most productive role that I can serve is to push them forward, by using the means at my disposal to promote a real and honest debate.

In the weeks and months ahead, I will continue to work to steer the national conversation away from partisanship and toward unity; away from ideology and toward common sense; away from sound bites and toward substance. And while I have always said I am not running for president, the race is too important to sit on the sidelines, and so I have changed my mind in one area. If a candidate takes an independent, nonpartisan approach — and embraces practical solutions that challenge party orthodoxy — I’ll join others in helping that candidate win the White House.

Given the rise of both McCain and Barack Obama, both of whom appeal to independent voters, it is not surprising that Bloomberg decided not to run. Had Hillary Clinton been the Democratic nominee, or someone other than McCain won the GOP nomination, then perhaps he might have decided different. Truth be told, though, I don’t think he would’ve had that big of an impact on the race, even with his billion dollars of advertising.

Further coverage at The New York Times and Washington Post.

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