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Does It Matter That SNL’s Fauxbama Isn’t Black ?

by @ 6:28 pm on February 29, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Barack Obama, Politics

Apparently, there’s some controversy over the fact that the Saturday Night Live actor who impersonates Barack Obama isn’t black:

Is Fred Armisen, who is not African American, “black enough” to embody Obama on “Saturday Night Live”?

Debate over that question has been pinging around the Internet since Armisen, a veteran cast member, donned darker makeup to portray the Democratic candidate for the first time Saturday. Armisen played Obama opposite Amy Poehler’s Hillary Clinton in a sketch satirizing the supposedly cushy treatment his candidacy has received from the media.

“SNL” impresario Lorne Michaels said yesterday by phone that he thought the sketch played so well that the show intends to air another Obama/Clinton debate spoof tomorrow night, with Armisen and Poehler reprising their characters.


Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune put the question bluntly: “Call me crazy, but shouldn’t ‘Saturday Night Live’s’ fictional Sen. Barack Obama be played by an African-American?” Ryan went on to conclude: “I find ‘SNL’s’ choice inexplicable. Obama’s candidacy gives us solid proof of the progress that African-Americans have made in this country. I guess ‘SNL’ still has further to go on that front.”

Frankly, I haven’t cared about anything related to Saturday Night Live in more than a decade, and I haven’t watched it in that time either, but this strikes me as just plain crazy.

Isn’t the real question whether Arimsten’s impersonation is good or not ?

Here’s the debate parody, judge for yourself:

Despite the fact that I think SNL sucks, I actually thought this was pretty funny.

2 Responses to “Does It Matter That SNL’s Fauxbama Isn’t Black ?”

  1. CR UVa says:

    Obama is half white, so wouldn’t a black man be just as inappropriate to play Obama as Fred Armisen?

    For all the talk from Democrats of getting rid of the ghosts of the past concerning racism (seems to me discriminatory laws of the past suggested “a drop of blood” would determine race and thus legally justify segregation), they seem to do a pretty good job of maintaining those status quos.

  2. terry says:

    Is there anything that we can say or are allowed to say about this messiah who whithout any warning has come to save the “BELIEVERS” and smite the rest of us???? Since when are we not allowed to say anything about a polititian? I think we do have the right to do just that,and I think if he were this uniter that we are told he is, I think he would be very open to everything that comes his way and not try to shut people down by talking about race or anything else. And why the big deal about the “Fauxbama”? Was his mother not white? Why does he only claim that he is black? To be a uniter,I think it would be a good thing for him to mention his mother. I have never heard him mention his mother in any of his “SALVATION OF THE WORLD” messages. Is ashamed to be half white? Or is he just a nothing but an “EMPTY SUIT PHONY” who wants to get to where he and his”I HAVE NOT BEEN PROUD OF AMERICA UNTIL NOW” racist wife. God help us if they get to the White house, because again we will have “the two for one” deal. I don’t know who is scarier the Clinton duo, or the Fauxbama duo!!!!!!!

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