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Does Ron Paul’s Campaign Really Think He Can Steal The Nomination ?

by @ 5:38 pm on March 5, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Politics, Ron Paul

As crazy as it sounds, they apparently do.

2 Responses to “Does Ron Paul’s Campaign Really Think He Can Steal The Nomination ?”

  1. CCG says:

    Don’t be ridiculous. Now that the party has nominated McCain as the victor, because he has 1191+ delegates, doesn’t mean if he dies or gets highly sick that the one remain in the race gets the nomination. Ron Paul is now officially out of the running, and has no play at all, the deal is sealed – and the only race standing is with the Democrats, which technically is over, except for the sick and diluded point of view of the Clintons. Obama will prevail and the Clintons will probably go to jail after their October court date in California.

    Ron Paul had his chance to back out, he knew that eventually he would be tossed to the curb if he didn’t. He won’t be on the ballot for the presidency, that is for sure. He screwed his chances to endorse and go pleasantly, so now he just has to deal with being faded out disrespectfully, which is what has happened.

    If McCain terminates or becomes very ill, the Party now has the right to appoint a candidate, and I can only bet that it will not be any of those that were on the ballot for the primary. That is how it goes.

  2. Ron Moss says:

    Write-in Ron Paul, after Google Federal Reserve Fraud, See G.Edward Griffin’s interview with Norman Dodds, banker’s plan to keep US in WAR. And, Lost Horizons IRS Mafia Gestapo to facilitate that effort. And it’s affect on Republican co-
    conspiritors to put is in debt, to pay interest to treeorist-
    bankers. How much do we pay, illegally. Ron Paul only understands our national economic needs. Thank you. Ron Moss

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