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Today At The Liberty Papers

by @ 1:10 pm on March 6, 2008. Filed under Blogging, The Liberty Papers

There’s some excellent stuff going on over at The Liberty Papers these days.

First of all, yours truly wonders just why Ron Paul’s campaign and his supporters are so convinced the race isn’t over yet.

Along the same lines, Brad Warbiany asks Ron Paul’s more ardent supporters if they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Next, another question from yours truly — Should A School Be Able To Punish A Student For What They Write On A Blog ? (Answer, by the way, is no)

Finally, tarran has an excellent post examining the issue of when it’s acceptable to take up arms against an oppressive state.

That last one, by the way, is a truly excellent post. Perhaps one of the best we’ve ever put up at TLP.

Head on over and check `em out.

2 Responses to “Today At The Liberty Papers”

  1. David Wilson says:

    Should a University be able to punish a student for Non-Academic “Misconduct” off school property? The UW Board of Regents wants this to happen. We are fighting it. Also, it will be interesting if I am appointed to the UW Board of Regents as a student representative…

  2. David,

    Without knowing more about the case, I’d have to say that the answer would even be clearer on a college campus, where we’re dealing with adults, than on a public school campus where principles of in loco parentis still apply.

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