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Why America ?

by @ 9:07 am on March 7, 2008. Filed under Blogging, History, The Liberty Papers

Over at The Liberty Papers, I’ve but this question on the table:

[W]hy is the American Revolution the historical exception rather than the rule ? Why didn’t we devolve into tyranny the way France did, or Russia, or most of the third-world, or, for that matter, post-Communist Russia ? Why didn’t France and Russia become like us ?

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2 Responses to “Why America ?”

  1. CR UVa says:

    Fascinating question. I’m sure it could not have been any single influence. Wise leaders, sound philosophy, and even some good luck likely all played a part. But one does have to stop and wonder if there might’ve been something more to it.

  2. cominius says:

    It could be called a war for independence, it could be called a fight to prevent establishment of a tyranny, but there was no American Revolution. The American colonies had enjoyed self rule with local legislatures for more than 100 years before 1776. The Declaration of Independence refers in its list of grievances to the attempts by the King of England to establish a tyranny over the American states. As a result of the war for independence the same political, economic and social system which existed in America before existed after. America was not the historical exception to the rule, it never had a revolution to be part of the rule.

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