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Yankees Name Opening Day Starter

by @ 8:51 am on March 23, 2008. Filed under Baseball, New York Yankees, Sports

Chien-Ming Wang will be on the mound when the Yankees start their last season at the House That Ruth Built:

It was not surprising news. In fact, it was expected news. But Manager Joe Girardi made it official Friday when he named Chien-Ming Wang the starter for the Yankees’ season opener against the Toronto Blue Jays on March 31.

I think he’s earned it,” Girardi said. “He’s won 19 games the last couple of years. He’s thrown the ball very well the last couple of years. I’m comfortable starting him Opening Day.”

Wang was supposed to start the 2007 opener, but he strained his hamstring. Carl Pavano, yes, the always injured Carl Pavano, wound up starting the opener. My hunch is Yankees’ fans will be happier seeing Wang on the mound for the last opener at the current Yankee Stadium than they were about seeing Pavano there a year ago.

Gee do ya think ?

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