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Patriots & Tyrants: Jericho 2.7

by @ 7:55 pm on March 26, 2008. Filed under Jericho, Television

If, as looks likely, we will not see Jericho grace our television screens again, then last night’s episode, while it had it’s flaws, was a fitting farewell to a truly unique television series.

In rapid time, necessitated, of course, by the shortened season and slimmed-down budget, Jake and Hawkins make their way to Cheyenne where they surprise a startled Gray Anderson, who himself had just witnessed the death of the Second Amendment at the ASA’s Constitutional Convention. Hawkins makes contact with the last surviving member of his team, Chueng, who helps them locate the bomb.

And that’s where the fun starts.

In the meantime, Major Beck is clearly uncomfortable with his orders to institute “Phase Three” sanctions in Jericho and, when he’s given the opportunity, reviews the laptop that had been found in Hawkins’ car. And that’s when his eyes are finally opened.

There were several great scenes in Jericho. Gray Anderson returning to town to find it nearly deserted and firmly in military control. Eric Green facing down Constantino and refusing to join in his terrorist campaign. And the remaining Jericho-ites burying Bonnie Richmond, after which Beck arrives and tells them that he’s no longer taking orders from Cheyenne, which he considers a corrupt government. There will be no Phase Three.

Meanwhile, Jake and Hawkins manage to get control of the bomb and take it to the Republic of Texas’ Embassy in Cheyenne (yea, I know, how did they get a whole embassy compound together in four months — big plot hole). With the help of the Texan Ambassador they escape in a plane and are just moments from Texas airspace when the ASA Air Force shows up and tries to force them down, only to be stopped by the Texas Air National Guard in what should probably be considered the first battle of a new Civil War.

And then one final scene. Beck his back in his office awaiting his fate. He’s shown his senior officers the contents of Hawkins’ laptop and told them to make their own decision.

They do. And, in one of the best scenes of the whole series, they rip off the ASA Flag patch on their uniforms and walk away. They’re with Beck, and when the war comes to Jericho they’ll be on the front lines.

When this series started, we were faced with the unthinkable — the destruction of 23 American cities by nuclear weapons. The citizens of Jericho, this little town somewhere in Kansas, were seemingly cut off from the outside world. As the first season went on, subtle hints were dropped about what had happened and what it meant for Jericho and America, but it wasn’t until the second season, with the arrival of the Allied States of America, that the true scope of the horror began to reveal itself. In the meantime, we watched the people of Jericho, Kansas try to rebuild their town and their lives only to be drawn into a Hobbesian war of all against all with their former fellow American citizens.

Now, it’s all come full circle. Jericho isn’t free yet, but thanks to Jake, Hawkins, and Major Beck, it is at the center of the next American Civil War. While there is some hope that we might get to see what that future looks like, I’m perfectly happy with how things ended.

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4 Responses to “Patriots & Tyrants: Jericho 2.7”

  1. Gwen says:

    Carol Barbee has confirmed that CBS Paramount is trying to sell Jericho to a different network. (CBS Televison Network showed/canceled Jericho, but CBS Paramount is the company that produces Jericho.)

    There are already two interested networks – Sci Fi and The CW.

    There is a list of things the fans are being asked to do:


  2. Grace says:

    Well, I’m not happy with the way it ended.
    I want to see MORE of JERICHO!!
    I will follow Gwen’s instructions.
    Thank you, Gwen, for all you do for JERICHO.

  3. Michael Flynn says:

    Its convienient that the remote-control-detonanted bomb is now in the capital of the only hold-out, isn’t it?

  4. Michael Flynn says:

    Maybe I missed it but what happened to the Kansas National Guard, were they absorbed by the ASA Army or disbanded? and Wouldn’t the people of Jericho see Stae troopers or Nat’l Guardsmen before the ASA Army or a bunch (though fake)of Marines?

    One final question that I would have asked earlier but I only discovered Jericho in Oct of 07, What is the 10th Mountain div doing in Kansas they only a few miles from FT Carson and Ft Leonard Wood? Wouldn’t the 10th been under the control of the Columbus Gov’t since it is stationed in NY?

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