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Another Jericho Campaign

by @ 5:10 pm on March 31, 2008. Filed under Jericho, Television

I was skeptical when the tried it before, but I’m not saying anything negative this time.

There’s another effort to bring Jericho back to the small screen next season:

The fans of Jericho have proven themselves to be among the most web-savvy in the television watching public.

They taken the next web-savvy step in their efforts to get someone else to pick up CBS’ twice-canceled post-apocalyptic drama, setting up an alternate “official” Jericho site in anticipation of the one on CBS “going dark.”

Here, apparently, is the plan:

dont-tread-on-me-gadsden-flagMarch 23, 2008 – “How does it feel to be part of history? Don’t Tread on Me!” It’s the new battle cry of the next Jericho fan revolution. On March 22nd, CBS once again canceled Jericho, and within minutes, the fan efforts to solve the problem had kicked back into action. CBS’ serial drama Jericho, originally debuting on September 20, 2006, had been canceled once before, but the network resurrected it after the fans paid homage to Jericho character Jake Green (portrayed by actor Skeet Ulrich) uttering “Nuts!” to a request for surrender during the heat of battle. This line inspired a fan protest involving 40,000 pounds of nuts being shipped to CBS, forcing the network to reconsider its decision and to agree to a seven-episode Season 2.

According to CBS, Nielsen ratings had not been high enough this time around to encourage the network to buy into a third season for Jericho, leading to the show’s second cancellation before the March 25th airing of the seventh and final episode with had been shot with two alternate endings: a cliffhanger if picked up for another season, and an open-ended, show-ending conclusion to the seven episode arc storyline. CBS aired the latter version, and fans, deeming it also to be a cliffhanger itself, were inspired to begin the fight again to preserve Jericho for another round of storytelling.

Rumors had already begun circulating that Jericho’s Executive Producer Carol Barbee had been already ‘shopping’ the show to cable networks – where Jericho’s ratings, considered sub-par by CBS, would be stellar elsewhere. According to Barbee and other sources close to Barbee, the SciFi and CW networks continue to be possibilities for picking up Jericho. Fans have now sprung into action, currently sending e-mails and letters and making phone calls to both networks.

Jericho fans – well-versed in their abilities to make a difference through efforts involving over $20,000 in donations to the Greensburg, Kansas, building fund, DVD shipments to troops overseas, and an affiliation with Project Homefront – are now refocusing their endeavors toward an organized multiphase effort to win a new home for their favorite show. They also have set up an alternate online rally point in anticipation of CBS’ Jericho Web site eventually going dark.

For more information about Jericho’s latest fan revolution, or to learn how you can offer your assistance and your voice to making history again by finding Jericho a new home, please log onto to check out the New Save Jericho Campaign details for addresses, contact numbers, and ongoing efforts to give Jericho new life.

Good luck guys.

25 Responses to “Another Jericho Campaign”

  1. Debby from SC says:

    The details are on the CBS Jericho homepage as well as (Radio Free Jericho) and the original Rallypoint. Jerichonet2 is just one of many boards helping in the effort to save Jericho.

  2. VeeMaxx from MD says:

    If you are a Jericho fan, get to any of the sites listed and join us in the efforts to save Jericho! Thanks to you Doug, for passing the word for us.

  3. Lynn says:

    Awesome press release! I’ve been seeing this pop up everywhere – this JerichoNet 2 must really know what they’re doing and have great contacts because word is spreading. It looks like JerichoNet 2 will be instrumental in saving Jericho and bringing it back for a season three and many more! Kudos JerichoNet 2!!!!!

  4. noplacelikejericho says:

    Doug, thank you for posting the press release and getting the word out there – it’s much appreciated!

    Keep up the fight for Jericho!

  5. MikesMom says:

    Doug, On behalf of, allow me to offer you my gratitude for posting our Press Release and for your good wishes.

    Thanks so much.

  6. Lynn says:

    Wow, this press release is really awesome! JerichoNet 2 must have really good contacts because I’ve been seeing this pop up all over the internet! That must mean it’s the biggest Jericho site ever! It looks like JerichoNet 2 will be instrumental in bringing us a season three of Jericho and many more!

    Kudos, JerichoNet 2!!!!

  7. GenPatton43 says:

    Thank You much for your kind words, we are still as strong and as dedicated as ever towards this show and now that apparently Nielson is beginning to admit that they made several errors in their recent ratings disclosure, this will go on.
    A New Media Revolution has started and Jericho leads from the forefront of it!
    Thanks again!

  8. Welcome2CHO says:

    Thanks, Doug, for the shout-out to Jericho! It’s an amazing show that’s evoked feelings like no other for me and fans who are tired of the same old reality TV. And, yes, the fans are so passionate that you can find great ‘Save Jericho’ information all over the Internet, including JerichoNet2 that you referenced and other sites as well. We’re encouraging everyone to find a place and jump in! We need all hands on deck.

  9. Susan from Florida says:

    I am happy that JerichoNet2 has provided a superb rally point for the Jericho fans if the lights go out. I have checked out the website and the welcome mat is right there at the door. The webmasters of this site have gone to great lengths to make the RALLY POINT feel like home with all the graphics and the easy to navigate site it is already starting to feel “homey”.

  10. xrammyx says:

    Thanks for posting on your site…it makes stronger and stronger by the day…have a great day

  11. realityagent says:

    Thank you, Mr. Mataconis, for giving the fans of Jericho some coverage to help rally support around our new campaign to get a Season 3 for Jericho. The site is extremely well-organized with clear direction and plans to find a new home for Jericho. New fans are encouraged to stop by and check out what is being done to keep the Jericho story going. Even better, it is just a fun place to visit! We need everyone’s help, so please stop by!

  12. Bluebutt says:

    Thank you Doug, for posting the press release and helping spread the word about Jericho! I challenge anyone who hasn’t seen the series to go to veoh or itunes and watch the pilot. You’ll be hooked!

  13. N2N2 says:

    Thank you so much for writing about the efforts of Jericho Fans. It is important for all fandoms that Jericho succeed because next time it will be someone’s else show that get canceled. If you would like to help check out what you can do at

    Thank you.

  14. Nipshot says:

    Thanx so much for helping us get the word out. Jericho fans are some of the most determined ever! We will not go quietly into the nite!

  15. Thank you so much for helping the Jericho Fans get the word out and putting the Press Release up!

  16. Scoobud says:

    Thank you so much Doug for published the new save Jericho campaign press release issued by JerichoNet2 and for recognizing the extraordinary effort by Jericho fans. This new campaign’s primary source and direction is superbly lead by JerichoNet2 and GenPatton43 on the CBS boards. Without their perseverance, leadership, and guidance this campaign would not be doing as well as it is.

    It is mind numbing and overwhelming at the amount of fans from all over the internet spanning across multiple fandoms who are contributing their support and assistance on JerichoNet2 and to GenPatton43 on the CBS boards.

    I also want to thank people like you who are willing take a moment out of your busy schedule to write about this effort and wish us luck. Thank you so much.

  17. KayT says:

    Thanks Doug! The fans of Jericho are a dedicated bunch and we work together, which is the key to keeping our show alive. Jerichonet2 has created an awesome place for the fans to rally! Mikesmom and GenPatton have done an impressive job of getting this new campaign rolling! The fans asked to be counted, and I believe that is happening. Jericho fans are creating history in the world of television!

    Thanks again,


  18. Sam says:

    Thanks, Doug, for helping the Jericho fans get the word out to as many as possible. Jericho is a show worth fighting for!

  19. JUDYTANK says:

    Thanks, Doug for a couple of things. First and foremost for putting our press release on the air, so to speak, and giving our efforts to find a new home for Jericho some coverage. Hopefully, this will help to motivate even more people to get involved in making history (again!). Secondly, thanks for your opening sentence: “I was skeptical when the tried it before, but I’m not saying anything negative this time.” It takes a big man to make a statement like that. Don’t think it went unnoticed or unappreciated! It is our hope that the next time you dedicate a column to the Save Jericho campaign, it will be to announce that the Jericho Rangers were successful in their efforts to find Jericho a new home! Thank you again.

  20. PATRICIA says:

    hope we will win!

  21. KathyW says:

    Thanks so much for posting this press release. We’re ready to make history once again! The fight for season 3 is just beginning. Join us at our rally point,

  22. Ellen L says:

    Jericho is my favorite show!!! I;m so tired of good show being dropped in favor of shows which appeal to 11-13 year old kids!!!!

  23. Ed Hutchison says:

    Jericho is a great show!! Thanks for the coverage.

  24. dsande01 says:

    Thanks for your coverage of Jericho, Doug. We’re still in the midst of fighting for Season 3 and every bit of attention the show and the campaign to save it gets is critical.

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