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Now That’s How You Open A Ballpark

by @ 7:09 am on March 31, 2008. Filed under Baseball, Sports, Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals couldn’t have asked for a better way to open the new stadium:

No grass was ever greener than the Kentucky blue that spread out across the field at dazzling new Nationals Park last night. No popcorn ever smelled so delicious. No beer ever tasted so refreshing, no hot dog so juicy. The senses were overloaded and overwhelmed on an Opening Night unlike any ever witnessed in these parts — in a $611 million, taxpayer-built palace in a formerly blighted part of the District, in front of a national television audience.

And no roar ever washed over a building like the one that built and soared and then exploded from the crowd of 39,389 as the final pitch of the night arrived from the mound and landed, following a mighty swing from Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, over the wall in left-center field, a walk-off home run that gave the Nationals a dramatic 3-2 victory over the Atlanta Braves and provided a fitting end to a memorable night.

“Storybook ending,” said Mark Lerner, the Nationals’ principal owner. “It was the end of a perfect day. You can’t write a script like that.”

No, you can’t. But that’s what makes baseball great.

Play ball !

One Response to “Now That’s How You Open A Ballpark”

  1. matt says:

    Good thing the taxpayers forked over the cash for this one!

    Last year:
    Washington D.C.? Never heard of it!

    This year:
    Washington D.C.? There’s a baseball team there!

    I bet tourism is going to sky-rocket in this no-name town.


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