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William F. Buckley Jr. On Laugh-In

by @ 7:46 am on April 7, 2008. Filed under Humor, Videos

Yes, it actually happened.

Part I:

William-F-Buckley-on-Laugh-In-part-1Get Video Code

Part II:

William-F-Buckley-on-Laugh-In-part-2Get Video Code

Part III

William-F-Buckley-on-Laugh-In-part-3Get Video Code

2 Responses to “William F. Buckley Jr. On Laugh-In”

  1. Col. Hogan says:

    Thanks, Doug, for posting this. I was unaware of his delightful appearance on Laugh-In. Well done!

  2. Pooch says:

    Awesome! Great video, Buckley had a great sense of humor.
    RIP, WFB…

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