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Condi Rice Pops The Veep Balloon

Well, it sounds like Dan Senor may not have know what he was talking about after all:

Condoleezza Rice wants it known: She is still not interested in being vice president.

Sean McCormack, her spokesman, today tried to dampen speculation that erupted Sunday after Dan Senor, a GOP political operative, claimed on ABC’s “This Week” that Rice was “actively, actually in recent weeks, campaigning” for the job. Peppered with questions at the regular State Department briefing, McCormack reiterated that Rice wants to return to Stanford University, where she is a tenured professor.

“I think what she is considering is focusing on her work as Secretary of State because — you may have missed it — but there’s actually quite a bit to do,” McCormack said. “There’s quite a bit left to do here as secretary of State.”

Rice, in a recent interview with The Washington Times, claimed no interest in being vice president after nearly eight years in Washington and a year as a campaign adviser to then Governor George W. Bush. She said it was time for “new blood.”

And that, I would think, should be that.

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