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Barack Obama’s Big Bankroll

by @ 7:09 am on April 21, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Politics

With the Pennsylvania campaign winding down and attention soon to shift to North Carolina and Indiana, it looks like Barack Obama is well suited to swamp the Clinton campaign:

Sen. Barack Obama’s final push towards Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary is being fueled by a huge cash reserve, as the campaign’s filings to the Federal Election Commission made clear Sunday night.

Obama entered April with $42.5 million available to spend on the Democratic primaries, the filing showed. Sen. Hillary Clinton had $8 million in available cash, her campaign officials said Sunday night.

Obama’s report shows he collected $41.1 million in March, with all but $1 million of it available for use in the primary. The report largely confirmed what the Obama campaign had told reporters about March fundraising on April 3. Clinton has said she raised about $20 million during the same period.

Things aren’t looking good for Team Hillary.

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