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Antonin Scalia On 60 Minutes

by @ 6:50 am on April 28, 2008. Filed under Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court

Last night’s 60 Minutes interview with Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was, as I expected it would be, quite fascinating on all accounts. Scalia touched on issues ranging from judicial philosophy, to abortion, the First Amendment, and Bush v. Gore.

You can read the full transcript here, or just watch the video:

Part I:

Part II:

One Response to “Antonin Scalia On 60 Minutes”

  1. Stephen Messutta says:

    I believe Associate Justice Scalia is dangerous. His “originalist” view abrogates +/-100 years of rulings based on the concept of “substantive due process”. Among other things, his expressed view of Roe v. Wade misinterprets the core of the decision, which has no religious or scientific underpinning, but which instead is whether a woman’s right to have an abortion is really a matter of a constitutionally protected right of personal privacy and decision-making, not whether abortion is per se a constitutionally protected right, and that the right of privacy was found not necessarily in the constitution itself but in the aggregate of our “organic” documents (constitution PLUS Declaration of Independence, etc). People of color should be especially frightened of him. Brown v. Board was based on using social science data to “prove” that separate was not equal. It seems to be a very short stretch for him to decide that Christian values are part of our collective experience.

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