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No Gilmore-Marshall Debates

Jim Gilmore has closed the door on the idea of debating Bob Marshall prior to the Virginia GOP Convention next month:

Former governor James S. Gilmore III will not debate his rival for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, Del. Robert G. Marshall (R-Prince William), next month in an event sponsored by three Young Republican clubs in Northern Virginia.

“We’re past the point of debate,” said Ana M. Gamonal, Gilmore’s spokeswoman.

Gamonal said Gilmore’s schedule is packed between now and next month’s convention when delegates from across the state will choose a nominee.

But, she said, Gilmore and Marshall have already appeared together many times including the recent shad planking in Wakefield.

“Delegates already know where Gov. Gilmore stands on the issues,” she said.

If this were a primary, I think Marshall’s call for delegates would be stronger and Gilmore would have a tough time saying no under those circumstances. With most of the delegates already chosen, and pretty strongly bound to one candidate or the other, though, it’s hard to see what the point of debates would be at this point.

One Response to “No Gilmore-Marshall Debates”

  1. acorn says:

    Have you seen this? It was posted on Marshall’s site, but I think it’s significant since Chris Saxman is so popular in the VA GOP and wanted to seek the nomination, but declined to Gilmore.

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