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Hopefully, The Future Of The Republican Party

by @ 9:21 am on April 30, 2008. Filed under Bobby Jindal, Politics, Republicans

Governor Bobby Jindal, an Indian-American with a Cajun/Southern accent.

Only in America:

6 Responses to “Hopefully, The Future Of The Republican Party”

  1. ThreeChecksForMcCain says:

    I think the REALLY BIG Story that isn’t getting much if any “play” in the media is that John McCain, or “McNasty” as I like to call him…


    For anyone who doesn’t know about this, he gets one check from the Navy, one check from the Senate and one check from Social Security!

    He does not return even one of these checks to the U.S. Treasury… you know… to us taxpayers that he claims to look out for.

    Apparently, he believes in smaller government for us little people, but not for him.

    He is a one-man pork-barrel project!

    I hope others will help spread the word on this issue!!!

  2. CR UVa says:

    Way to stay on topic ThreeChecksForMcCain.

    Getting back to the subject at hand, Bobby Jindal is very impressive. Sounds like he is doing great things in Louisiana and he handled himself very well on Leno.

  3. CR,

    I agree, obviously. I’m not sure he’s Veep material this year, though. Too young and too inexperienced, I think.

  4. Kevin says:


    Before everyone wants Jindal to be VP, keep in mind; we here in Louisiana would like to him to be our governor until 2011. Then the rest of the country can have him as president after McCain loses this year.

  5. Kevin,

    Duly noted ;) Actually, a McCain loss would probably the best thing that could happen to guys like him.

  6. Ginger says:

    Whoo cher, that is not a Cajun accent. Wholly Southern, yes, but definitely not Cajun.

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