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Thoughts On The D.C. Madam

by @ 5:36 am on May 2, 2008. Filed under Deborah Jeane Palfrey, Washington DC

From Megan McArdle:

For this, we have law enforcement? Are there no more rapists roaming our streets? Have murders ceased to be a problem in this fair land, this shining city on a hill? Did all the burglars join Criminals Anonymous? Have the drunk drivers decided to binge only in the comfort of their own living room? Has embezzling stopped? Are the human filth who mug old ladies all safely behind bars? Do no boiler room scams still lurk in the nation’s seedier industrial parks? Because, you know, even if I thought prostitution should be illegal . . . well, chaps, I’d put it on the goddamn back burner until all the crimes involving thugs attacking, defrauding, or stealing from innocent, non-consenting citizens had been solved.

To be fair, no one’s tried to mug me for several months. But I hear that there are still a few small matters right here in our nation’s capital that should be cleared up before we can, in good conscience, turn to the important task of preventing women from demanding cash for something other women only do for fun. Love the Madonna, hate the Whore?

Was “saving” women from prostitution so important that we needed to make a woman’s life no longer worth living? Do we really need to kill the women in order to save them? Because last time I heard, we thought it was kind of awful when the Taliban did those things.

I’ve got to say that, on some level, I agree with Megan completely. Was it really necessary to hound this woman to the point where she ended up killing herself ? And, more importantly, why did the state go after her and not after the men who used the services she provided ?

Frankly, until Mayor Fenty and the D.C. Police Chief can get on television and tell us, honestly, that violent crime and property crime in the District is under control, I don’t think they should be worrying about someone who was doing nothing more than providing something that people were willing to pay for.

Usually, prostitution is a victimless crime. This time, thanks to zealous prosecution, we’ve got an actual  victim.

2 Responses to “Thoughts On The D.C. Madam”

  1. Brenda from England says:

    The US Government psychologically tortured Deborah Jeane Palfrey to the point of suicide, (in other words to the point of murder).
    From an international human rights point of view she was totally innocent.
    Why did the US Government do such a thing to her? So they could steal her assets and life savings and claim everything was done legally.
    Deborah worked hard for her money, she was an intelligent, successful and hard working business woman.
    In her 52 years of existence she never hurt one soul, she was a sweet and beautiful person.
    Every single government official involved with her case (or torture) have her blood on their hands. The US government basically murdered her just so they could steal her money.
    Only a very cruel government could do such a thing.
    (Deborah – I as a fellow human being love and respect you with all my heart, I know you were innocent just like Jesus was innocent of all charges brought upon him before he was crucified – God bless your soul).

  2. Michael Sicilio says:

    Listen, justice will be served, regardless of the degree. It’s not the government’s fault for cracking down on racketeering

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