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Blogging The Libertarian Convention

by @ 5:49 pm on May 21, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Blogging, Libertarians, Politics, The Liberty Papers

Stephen Littau and Jason Pye, two of my co-contributors at The Liberty Papers will be attending the Libertarian National Convention in Denver, which begins tomorrow:

The Libertarian National Convention will run this Memorial Day weekend beginning on Thursday, May 22nd and ending on Monday, May 26th. I plan on attending the convention representing The Liberty Papers as a citizen journalist on Saturday, Sunday, and possibly Monday.

My press pass will give me the same access as the MSM outlets (though some events will be reserved for “invited media only”). The events which I believe I will be able to get into include the platform debate, the presidential debate, national chairs debate, presidential nominating speeches, presidential election roll call with acceptance speech, the first press conference with the LP Presidential Nominee, and much, much more.

Fellow Liberty Papers contributor Jason Pye will also be attending the convention as a delegate.

Usually, The Liberty Papers does not have a great deal of activity on the weekends as far as posts are concerned but this weekend will be much different. Expect periodic reporting from the convention beginning Saturday. I’m going to try to score some high profile interviews, will post lots of photos, and possibly post some video for your consumption.

Be sure to check Stephen’s posts out for the inside scoop.

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