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Gay Marriage In California

by @ 4:13 pm on May 28, 2008. Filed under Gay Marriage, Individual Liberty

According to one poll, voters in California may do something revolutionary in November:

For the first time in over three decades of polling on the issue of same-sex marriage laws, The Field Poll finds more California voters approving than disapproving of allowing same-sex couples the right to marry and having regular marriage laws apply to them. In a survey completed May 17-26 among a random sample of 1,052 registered voters the idea of allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry is now approved by a 51% to 42% margin statewide.

Good news, at least from my point of view.

7 Responses to “Gay Marriage In California”

  1. Brutus says:

    Why is this good news from your point of view?

  2. Any advance in individual liberty is good news.

  3. K says:

    If you care about equality in America — even though you live in Virginia — you should help the fight for marriage equality in California.

    The religious right and their (mostly) Republican buddies will have an initiative on the ballot in November to ban marriage equality in California. The bad guys will have well over $10 million to persuade voters to do the wrong thing. The good guys? Not so much. And, unfortunately, victory on voter initiatives in California most frequently goes to the side with the most money.

    Here’s where you come in: Grab your plastic and go to the web site of the umbrella group fighting the resistance effort:

    You don’t have to live in California to help out. You don’t have to be a lesbian or gay man. You don’t have to be a Republican or a Democrat (hell, Gov. Arnie is against the initiative!). All you have to be is someone who cares about equality in America. So, please, help out — the future will thank you.

  4. Marriage 4 Virginia was outspent over 3 to 1 by the homosexual lobby – in Virginia. Yet, we won. The Liberals will likely outspend the pro-Marriage folks in California.

    The good news will be the vote by The People. Most likely it will support Judeo-Christian – and American Civilization’s – marriage and families.

  5. CR UVa says:

    “54% of Californians back the marriage amendment”.

    Both polls took place around the same time, both question enough voters to be seen as acceptable, and both show margins of error at around 4%. I think it is a little early for either side to claim victory, particularly with the vote still months away. As I’ve said before, the only poll that matters is the one taken at the ballot box.

  6. James,

    Why should “the people” be able to dictate an entirely private relationship ?

    This is why marriage should be entirely private to begin with.

  7. CR UVa,

    You are correct. It is early and there are contradictory polls, but both of them indicate that a referendum on this issue will be far closer in California than it has in any other state.

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