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What Are The Superdelegates Waiting For ?

by @ 10:57 am on May 31, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Politics

As of today, there are 190 undecided superdelegates. They could, on their own, decide the Democratic nomination.

So, what are they waiting for ? A resolution of Michigan and Florida ? The end of the primaries ?

Well, according to one Washington Post reporter, they’re basically just waiting for Hillary to give up already:

Washington: Looking at the most recent Rasmussen daily polls, I see that Hillary manages a tie today against McCain, but Barack is down by five points to McCain. What piqued my interest was that while Hillary had a “highly unfavorable” rating of 32 percent (i.e., as I see it, people who never will vote for her) Barack was at 35 percent. On Jan. 30, as we entered primary season’s main show, Barack’s “highly unfavorables” were 20 percent and Clinton’s were 35 percent. Is this something superdelegates may be watching?

Paul Kane: I’ve spent the past several months talking to as many super-delegates as any reporter in America, I’d guess, since I cover on a day-to-day basis about 280 of them here on Capitol Hill.

I hate saying this, because all the Clinton people are going to flip out and say, You’re biased, you’re biased, you’re biased. So go ahead and flip out if you want, but the simple basic truth is that the super-delegates stopped paying attention to the Clinton-Obama race about a couple days after the Indiana and North Carolina primaries.

They’ve stopped paying attention to the primary, and instead they’re focused on an Obama-McCain matchup in November. That’s the basic, simple, definitive reality that has happened in this race. The “undecided” super-delegates at this moment are not going to “decide” any time soon, because to them the race is over, they’re just waiting for Clinton to drop out.


Centreville, Va.: I was surprised and disappointed that The Post did not seem to address the Gallup poll yesterday which seemed to say Hillary Clinton had somewhat of an advantage over Barack Obama in the so-called swing states. The news of that poll was bandied about all day on the political blogs, and I have to say the Obama supporters seemed to be getting the worst of it. (Or is it “worse” with only two candidates in the poll?)

Paul Kane: Again, don’t yell at me because I’m only the messenger here. But the super-delegates have moved on, they’re no longer looking at how Hillary Clinton fares in battleground states against McCain. This is very hard for Clinton supporters to hear, I’m sorry, but the super-delegates are not paying attention to your candidate anymore. These head-to-head matchup polls (Clinton v. McCain, Obama v. McCain) are not having the impact on people’s thinking anymore.

This is more apparent when you consider the fact that, by the time Indiana and North Carolina were done, it was fairly obvious that the race was over.

This much is clear, the superdelegates aren’t going to say Hillary now, and I would suspect we’ll hear about a lot of them making up their minds over the next several days.

H/T: The Moderate Voice

3 Responses to “What Are The Superdelegates Waiting For ?”

  1. [...] should tell Bill that the superdelegates aren’t listening anymore.   [...]

  2. gustavo.glenmorangie says:

    She’s irrelevant. Stop paying attention to her.

  3. Jeff says:

    But isn’t the real problem that until the superdelegates actually make their decisions public, Hillary isn’t going to drop out? The whole reason she is still in the race is because they won’t make up their minds.. This could have been over and done with if they could be bothered to actually make a stand. It seems like they would rather sit and wait, all the while increasing McCain’s chances. Makes you wonder what side they are really on…

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