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RPV Convention Wrap-Up

Rick Sincere has several posts up about Saturday’s contentious by some accounts Republican Party of Virginia Convention in Richmond. First, Rick posts video of the concession and victory speeches by Bob Marshall and Jim Gilmore. Then there’s the keynote speech by former Senator George Allen and speeches by newly-elected RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick. Vice-President Cheney spoke on Friday and, of course, the protesters showed up. And, finally, there’s a wrap-up video.

Meanwhile, Jim Hoeft Chris Obenshain over at Bearing Drift sees signs of a generational change in the Virginia GOP:

[T]he election of Jeff Frederick as Chairman seems to be indicative of something that is happening within our Party all across the Commonwealth. Youth and energy are clearly the order of the day in the Virginia GOP. In politics, as in many areas of life, there comes a time when the old guard must give way to a new generation of leaders. I feel we are at such a time in our Party right now. I see energetic young District Chairs like Mike Ginsberg in the 8th and Michelle Jenkins in the 9th. I see energetic young legislators like Chris Saxman, Ben Cline, Rob Bell and Manoli Loupassi. I see two energetic young candidates for Attorney General in Ken Cuccinelli and John Brownlee. I see energetic young congressional candidates like Amit Singh stepping up to the plate. Most importantly, however, I see energetic young individuals from all over our Commonwealth getting involved and making a difference at the grassroots level of our Party.

Young blood is usually a good thing, but the Virginia Republican Party still has to deal with the tremendous geographic and demographic problems it has in Northern Virginia. If NoVA becomes a blue lake, then it’s going to be difficult for Republicans to achieve anything on a statewide level.

Crystal Clear Conservative also has a post-convention wrap-up and, in another posts, addresses the issue of party unity after a contentious race between Marshall and Gilmore and makes three very interesting points:

First and foremost, the GOP cannot ignore the Ron Paul supporters. The Ron Paul supporters add energy, enthusiasm and a desire to seek change in the party. Their desire to return the party back to solid conservative principles sent a solid message yesterday, and it will continue in future races. The GOP can’t ignore those who might not agree with the party on the War, etc. The party can and will be strengthened through the exchange of ideas and a strong grassroots base.

Second, the GOP needs to address issues that matter to the young voters. Social Security will not be around for my generation, and it sickens me that the money I am currently paying into the system is benefiting the “Baby Boomers.” Additionally, young voters care about where their hard earned money is going, and how lowering taxes will allow them to stimulate the economy. Generation X, Y, and Z voters want these issues to be addressed, and so far, the Democrats have beat the GOP to addressing these issues.

Lastly, the GOP can be unified by returning back to the principles of limited government and more accountability. It is sad that many legislators are wooed by the K-Street lobbying crowd and power. Our Founding Fathers would have never dreamed that our government would have doubled in size. This is why our country needs to return back to the principles of limited government. Also, there needs to be more accountability in the government. This addresses the case for transparency. As Americans, we should know what our money is being used for, right? With our federal debt rising, we should know exactly what project our money is going to and the reasoning behind the project.

To which I can only add a hearty “Hell, yeah !”

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  1. Doug,
    Thanks for the link, but it was actually I, not Jim, who posted the comments at Bearing Drift that you referenced. I know it can get confusing with so many bloggers running around over there.

    -Chris O.

  2. Hi Doug,

    Thanks for the link!

    -Crystal Clear Conservative

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