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From Our Big Fat File Of Really Bad Ideas

by @ 3:16 pm on June 4, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Politics

Andrew Sullivan takes his “team of rivals” idea to truly horrifying extremes:

Fantasy Team Of Rivals time: Clinton gets healthcare; Edwards gets poverty; Gore gets the environment; the other Clinton is made secretary of state.

Let’s just start with Clinton, the first one. If there’s any idea worse than making her Vice-President — where she can at least be limited to a Constitutionally irrelevant position — it’s giving her a virtually unlimited portfolio as Secretary of HHS, which is what I presume Sully is talking about.

And Bill Clinton as Secretary of State ? Again, at least as spouse of the Vice-President he’d have limited power. Why give him real power ?

The same goes for Edwards and Gore.

This isn’t the Election of 1860, and it’s not Abraham Lincoln choosing true statesmen to serve the nation in a time of need; it’s needlessly, and foolishly, handing political power to the very people who would undermine you and giving them the vast bureaucracy of the United States Government as their own private plaything.

Sully, you should know better.

2 Responses to “From Our Big Fat File Of Really Bad Ideas”

  1. Josiah Rowe says:

    The only member of Sullivan’s hypothetical “team of rivals” I’d like to see in an Obama cabinet is Edwards, as Attorney General.

  2. Josiah,

    With all due respect, there isn’t any member of Sully’s team of rivals that should have Executive Branch power in their hands.

    Including the rich lawyer who claims to care about poor people named John Edwards.

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