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Don’t Say No To The Fine Glass Of Cabernet

by @ 12:42 pm on June 5, 2008. Filed under Health, Wine

It may help you live longer:

Red wine may be much more potent than was thought in extending human lifespan, researchers say in a new report that is likely to give impetus to the rapidly growing search for longevity drugs.

The study is based on dosing mice with resveratrol, an ingredient of some red wines. Some scientists are already taking resveratrol in capsule form, but others believe it is far too early to take the drug, especially using wine as its source, until there is better data on its safety and effectiveness.

The report is part of a new wave of interest in drugs that may enhance longevity. On Monday, Sirtris, a startup founded in 2004 to develop drugs with the same effects as resveratrol, completed its sale to GlaxoSmithKline for $720 million.

Sirtris is seeking to develop drugs that activate protein agents known in people as sirtuins.

“The upside is so huge that if we are right, the company that dominates the sirtuin space could dominate the pharmaceutical industry and change medicine,” Dr. David Sinclair of the Harvard Medical School, a co-founder of the company, said Tuesday.

Personally, I’d prefer a glass or two of wine a day to popping a pill, especially give the empirical evidence:

A case for wine’s effect on longevity?

California wine makers tend to live very long lives. Here is a look at just a few of them:

Ernest Gallo (EJ Gallo Winery): March 18, 1909 to March 6, 2007

Robert Mondavi (Robert Mondavi Winery): June 18, 1913 to May 16, 2008

Anthony George Diener, Brother Timothy (The Christian Brothers): 1910 to Dec. 2, 2004

Andre Tchelistcheff (Beaulieu Vineyards): Dec. 7, 1901 to April 5, 1994

Louis J. Foppiano (Foppiano Vineyards): Nov. 25, 1911 to present

John Parducci (Parducci, McNab Ridge): January 22, 1918 to present

So why argue with what works ?

One Response to “Don’t Say No To The Fine Glass Of Cabernet”

  1. Kristi says:

    It seems no one can seem to make up their minds about wine. One day its great for you, the next its not. The enxt day one glass is fine, the next its 2!

    As my mom says “look at the italian and the french, they drink wine and they are healthy” lol

    So there you have it. Wine is good for you because the Italians and French drink it.

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