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Bob Barr Does Something Few Politicians Have The Guts To Do

by @ 4:58 pm on June 10, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Bob Barr, Individual Liberty, Politics, War On Drugs

In a post at The Huffington Post, he admits he was wrong about the war on (some) drugs:

For years, I served as a federal prosecutor and member of the House of Representatives defending the federal pursuit of the drug prohibition.

Today, I can reflect on my efforts and see no progress in stopping the widespread use of drugs. I’ll even argue that America’s drug problem is larger today than it was when Richard Nixon first coined the phrase, “War on Drugs,” in 1972.

America’s drug problem is only compounded by the vast amounts of money directed at this ongoing battle. In 2005, more than $12 billion dollars was spent on federal drug enforcement efforts while another $30 billion was spent to incarcerate non-violent drug offenders.

The result of spending all of those taxpayer’s dollars? We now have a huge incarceration tab for non-violent drug offenders and, at most, a 30% interception rate of hard drugs. We are also now plagued with the meth labs that are popping up like poisonous mushrooms across the country.

There aren’t many politicians who are willing to look at an issue honestly and not only admit that they were wrong, but argue that a position that most Americans would oppose — the end of the so-called War on Drugs.

But that’s exactly what Barr is doing, and he deserves credit both for his intellectual honesty and for admitting he was once part of the problem.

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